A Kiss


She is so sad that she has not seen him, so she wonders, could this be it, could this summer truly be the end of our love, was I just a summer fling he had. As she loses hope, and proceeds to enter the train, in order to leave, she hears her name, Ella! Ella! She turns back and there he was staring right at her.

She walks toward him, and she says ”so you were waiting for the train to leave before you run after me and tell me that you love me” he smiles and he leans towards her and he kisses her, Then Bimpe comes in and says, hey Funmi its time for devotion. Anyways the movie ended well.

Every time I watch a romantic movie, I connect with these movies because I want to feel everything the actors feel. When the girl is heartbroken, and sad, I can almost feel it in my own heart too, and the feeling that I get when the guy leans forward to kiss her is epic. If am with my friends we would all scream as the climax of the movie, and the moment that we were waiting for is that long anticipated kiss


Romantic right?

 It’s like the writer wants you to feel every single emotion that they were feeling, and if you are patient enough and you connect to it, you might just feel the magic the writer is trying to portray.

A kiss means a lot of things, and brings a lot of things to mind, and you start to wonder, why he had to kiss her goodbye, knowing he would probably never see her again



And you  ask yourself 



Why would he kiss her goodbye, Since he knows that he would be breaking her heart, if she never sees him again?


Yes ………… a kiss means a lot of things and to understand it. Then you have to understand the heart.  It’s either the intimacy it brings, or the happiness that springs forth when you survive hardship, pain and struggle.



It could be a kiss that springs forth as a reward of you patience and your love.

Irrespective of whether you are a slave falling for the king, and you get crowned queen at last



So cherish, every kiss, never regret it,



Even if you think it’s so wrong but your heart feels it’s right



That kiss could change your life forever


It shows you who your heart truly wants and who it truly belongs to



So don’t regret it, show it in public even if it’s one kiss that could make you

Lose your position as the heir of a family fortune because you fell in love with a popper.



You never know what that kiss brings, it could end up leading to LOVE. 


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