African Vintage Fashion 2014 by Sade Adebayo

PIC_cc by -Africa-Fashion-Week-2013-House-of-Eccentric-BellaNaija-November2013011-399x600Vintage is a real hot trend in Africa: from the Republic of Congo to South Africa, passing through Namibia and Nigeria, fashion is all about old clothes and accessories that remind us of a glorious and legendary past. The most important and famous designers in the continent firmly believe that vintage clothes can let people express themselves and their personality creating a special and unique style, mixing up old pieces of wearing made with the most beautiful fabric and textiles of the greatest quality, not just like the fast fashion that is sold today in the most famous stores.

According to Lourens Gebhardt, known as Loux the Vintage Guru, this is not just a temporary trend, like we’re used to in the fashion world. Vintage is here to stay and it will finally let African fashion style and identity become more and more predominant on the international catwalks. Through the use of Western clothes, African young fashionistas can finally be a source of creativity for everyone else in the world, just like the Sapeurs, that in Congo stand out among the others and are considered worshippers of fashion and style. For them, all that matters is their own personality expressed through the clothes they decide to wear.


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If you’re into vintage, consider buying a vintage accessory in a local store in a local store or a free-classifieds site to make your clothing fashionable and discover creative new designers. Nigeria seems to be one of the most creative and glamorous countries in Africa and some of the best fashion designers come from there. Let’s talk about for example, who has chosen to go back to her roots and use African prints to tell the world about Africa’s history with her work: bright colours, bold patterns and more types of fabric to express the unity of a country that is made up by different cultures. She chose to combine old African methods of knitting using traditional textiles such as cotton, silk and linen to create clothing pieces and accessories that are timeless, unconventional and perfect for every occasion.


Sayedero Enytan, instead, is a very young fashion designer, boutique owner make-up artist and engineering student who owns one of the most successful fashion blog in the country. Everyone looks up to her to know the best trends in fashion, every magazine wants to make an interview with her and, of course, she knows all about vintage and suggests her readers where to buy glamorous vintage clothes and accessories at a very reasonable price.


The African Fashion Week Nigeria is trying its best to provide young Nigerian talents some visibility to grow in the world of fashion and style and that can work, together with other established African designers, to the growth of African fashion. For this purpose, the African Fashion Week Nigeria has recently entered into a partnership with Jumia, the largest online retailer in Nigeria, to help promote Nigerian designers and expand their reach into the fashion market. Jumia will decide which are the next biggest fashion brands that will more likely emerge out of Nigeria and that will be featured on their retail stores

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