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Today we would be Reading @Airleene_’s Letter



Dude we’ve known each other since ss1, I always had your back and you had mine, told each other everything and anything even the goriest stuffs. I was there for you when your dad died, stole my grandma’s phone to always call you; stole my aunts money to buy the sleekest lip-gloss just to get your attention, tried as much as possible to change my hairstyle every week so I could get a compliment from you. I started wearing padded bras, ever since you told me “you love girls with nice jugs”, moved seats just to be close to you. Now tell me which girl would do all these if she wasn’t having feelings for you or were you just blind?

Yea, I left secondary school when things were heating up (I think), Niggar i still kept in touch, even though you called back a few times but i wanted more. We were meant to hook up  though we were like two worlds apart ,I was so willing to go that extra mile cos I felt I wasn’t gonna feel the same way I felt with any other guy (sigh…me and my teenage thoughts) but i guess u just didn’t feel the same way.

Days passed, months passed, years passed and I thought I had gotten over you. Till that fateful day I met you in the University’s cafe…and every freaking feelings and emotions came rushing back. I suddenly froze and I felt it was just the both of us in the whole world. That day may have been one of those days to you but mate, it was literally one of the best moments in my life. Reuniting with my high school sweetheart, Lord yes it had to be.

We decided to hook up later in the day. For the very first time my name was announced in the hall of residence….I felt like a star. my fellow freshers were hailing me and it just seemed like I had won a lottery. I remember vividly I was wearing a gold jeweled slipper by ‘red herring’ , a gold and black patterned top and a black bodycon skirt, in my mind am like ‘he’d know am a big girl now not the regular girl he used to know’ (in my tiny mind i had ‘baffed’ up). We gisted for a very long time, and my teenage brain was making me believe that you had no girlfriend and you had been waiting for me all along. Oh well!! It was the exact opposite. I wasn’t bothered cos you still had my time and i was still head over heels, madly and stupidly in love with you.

We kissed in dark corners in school ( Yes, I remember vividly all the kisses, All, how I’d kiss with my eyes open watching your back to make sure we weren’t caught and hey I enjoyed every bit of it), deserted areas and all and then i started wanting more. I tried hinting it to you that i wanted more than hiding and making out, hiding to have dinner together, and that i wanted us to be official (i guess i sucked at it). I finally found out that you had way too many female friends (those hitting on you and vice versa) and I began to believe that i would never have a chance with you. I finally gave up stubbornly convincing myself I was in love with someone else.

You finally asked me out, but i already thought the worse of you, or rather i was too chicken hearted to give it a try. Am sorry I had to turn you down though cos you didn’t seem like you were serious about me and I probably was too afraid of being heartbroken. We had another long break till like two years later and we re-united recently. we did stuffs (cough cough) and i know i was forming all ‘no strings attached” but i think am head over heels in love with you. Yea I love you and I can’t stop loving you. I miss the days we would talk to each other until 2 in the morning. I miss the phone calls and I miss the sound of your voice, the sound of your laughter. I miss your warm embracing hugs and the feel of your skin as it lightly rubbed against mine when we walked side-by-side.

I miss you, and I can never stop loving you but I guess love just works that way, they don’t always love you back. I love you and I’m happy for you because when you love someone you love them even if they will never look your way again.

…wish you stumble on this letter somehow and tell me how you feel about me cos I don’t think I can ever get over you till you tell me what I mean to you. Finally if you get to read this I am officially presenting you with this document to inquire about the status of our companionship…



Lovely Right ?

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