Alariwo Series S04E04: Mannequin

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The Rise and Fall


The conductor jumped down as the bus pulled over. He called out to us to hurry down and followed up by calling for more passengers. Sijuade hurled abuses at him making satirical remarks. He laughed it off, teasing her, then he hopped back on the bus as it was moving. I smiled wryly watching the exhaust ooze more smoke than a locomotive engine.

I sighted the roasted corn seller by the bus-stop. She sat on a small wooden stool that looked almost as burnt as the firewoods in the clay stove. She Fanned the flame with a pack of rumpled old newspaper blackened by charcoal stain from her hands. she will also wrap the roasted corn in the papers. She raised up her sweat smeared face and smiled brightly at us as we approached. Our stop-over has become a routine every evening after computer class.

As we jested with her, complaining about yesterday’s corn, I compared it with stone while Siju compared it with raw beans, the Camry 2.0 maneuvered the corner and pulled into the street. Siju had seen it but I didn’t so he pulled over by the corn seller spot and wound down. I spun around to see who it was, my heart leaped. Siju rolled her eyes gazing elsewhere. He poked his head towards me and stretched out his hand on the headrest of the passenger seat. He said:

“He’s coming around tomorrow by six… After work. Hope you will be at my place by then?”

I tried to steady my heart beat and put up a front. My body trembled and yearn for him to come down and hold me. If I speak, my voice might tremble and give me up so I just nodded.

Siju turned to face me widening her eyes in astonishment.

“Good” he nodded and spoke simultaneously. He switched gears and accelerated. The engine rumbled and off Tosan went.

“What was that about? Who is coming? Where are you going? When did you start talking to him? Shey you’ve started again abi?”

“Come off it jare” I shot at her. “why not become a journalist cos you were just about to complete the 5 “W’s” and 1 “H” questions?”

“But I saw the way you became all mushy when he was here. you are still tripping for him abi?”

She looked into my eyes for answers. I batted my eyelids and looked away, a  flush of embarrassment on my face.

“Oh my God!” She covered her mouth, “I don’t believe this!”

“Oya o, e don done.” Mama Nkechi handed us the roasted corn in rumpled pieces of newspaper.

Siju gave her N40 and we started the short walk home in silence. Thank God for mama Nkechi because if she did not interrupt us, Siju would have handed me my heart.

“He came to my place.” I decided to break the silence. I can’t stand another week of malice.

“When?” She asked calmly. Seems she did not want to fight either.

“Around after 10 in the night. The day the agency turned me down. He said he didn’t see my dad’s bus outside, that’s how he knew he was on a trip.”

Siju waved and faked a smile at someone calling out to her along the road.

“Sss…so, did you guys… You know?” She stuttered but I understood clearly.

“Gawd, no! He made advances but being turned down by the agency put me in a bad spot which I told him about.” I wasn’t telling the whole truth. I had deliberately left out the part were we cuddled and kissed. “He offered to help me by introducing me to a friend who works for- this agency” I made the quotation marks with my hands, “and could get me in.”

Siju halted and squinted straight ahead for a while. I wondered if she knew I wasn’t telling the whole truth. We were already at the aboki’s kiosk in front of our house. She sighed and shook ahead before we proceeded.

“He’s not a honourable person, you know?” I nodded and she continued “let’s assume he is even speaking the truth, you know what he’s out to get, don’t you?”

I do, but that’s the thing. I don’t want to stop him. I’m not strong enough to fight my feelings for him though I can’t let Siju know that. So I smiled and patted her on the back.

“Siju, don’t worry.” I said as we walked into the hallway but I reckoned I will have to go back for a smoke and to think about how something that is so wrong can feel so right.

“Strange fits of passion have I known… What fond and wayward thoughts will slide into a lover’s head!”
-William Wordsworth

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