Alariwo Series S04E05: Mannequin

The Rise, The Fall, The Rise Again.


The rain drops sounded like a marching band on the zinc. I jolted with each deafening thunderclap which left me with intermittent shivers. I was half awake so I could hear the clanging of pans and sensed my dad’s movement as he switched the pans under the leaking ceiling. I should be doing that but my dad, who thinks I’m still asleep, wouldn’t want to wake me. He knows about my thunder phobia. I rolled over to face the wall. I placed the pillow over my head and held it down with my hand. I hoped to fall asleep before another thunder could tear down the heavens.

My mind wandered to the thoughts of Tosan. I moaned softly and stretched a little in my bed, stimulated by my overwhelming desires. I can’t wait to see him today. I curled up and let my thoughts linger.

The insistent vibrations emitted by my phone created buzzes on the top of the dresser. I gave up faking the deep sleep before I got my dad irritated. I rolled over to the other side of the bed and picked up the phone.
Siju was on the other end of the phone. She claimed she just wanted to check on me but I know she’s trying to keep a close tab on me so I don’t elude her to go see Tosan.

As soon as the rain stopped. I slipped into a pair of stretch cotton pedal pushers and a tube. I wore a sweat jacket over the tube because of the weather. I masked my face in light makeup and bound my hair in a ponytail. With a false excuse before my dad, I was soon creeping out the hallway praying Siju does not choose that time to come out.

Tosan welcomed me into his apartment with a deep kiss. He caressed me and fondled with my sweat jacket, trying to take it off. I was being cautious of the other person who was suppose to be in his house. So I reluctantly stopped him.

“Tosan… Stop… You know we are not alone.” I whispered

“Errmm… About that… I don’t think he will be coming.”

I was taken aback. My arousal gave way to rage and he could see it in my eyes. I thought about everything I can do, say or ask him at that moment but I knew the answers will be the same as before so I smiled.

“There is no agency nor a friend working for any agency, is there?” I asked with all the calmness I could muster.

He sighed “Uche, its not…”

“Tosan”, I interrupted him. “For once in your life, be honest with me. You just want me here cos you want to soothe your orgies, init?”

He hunched his back and nodded. I moved closer to him and wrapped my hands around his neck. He was going to say something but I shut his mouth with mine. I snuggled up to him and removed all his uneasiness, planting kisses everywhere my lips could touch. I led him to the couch and started taking off his clothes. I took off my sweat jacket to wet his sexual appetite some more. I let him touch me but kept hindering him from taking off the rest of my clothes. As soon as he was completely naked, I casually stepped back and started taking pictures of him with his phone. He looked on at me puzzled, but my casual demeanour made him a little relaxed.

“C’mon babes, they are just pictures.” I said

“Okay, so drop the phone and let’s continue.” He replied, his little penis standing upright.

“Nope,” I said smiling, I playfully crossed my leg and spun around.

He smiled. “C’mon.”

I picked my sweat jacket and started moving towards the door. He chuckled asking what I was doing rhetorically. I opened the door and stepped out. I peeked into the house and winked at him before closing the door behind me. He probably was waiting for me to come back in or was getting dressed to come out to see what I was doing. I logged on to my facebook and twitter account on his phone as I walked back home. I will make my newly found modeling career work someday soon but in some few minutes, those pictures of him will be all over the neighbourhood. Thanks to facebook and twitter!

“Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.”
– William Congreve.

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  1. @k6rocks

    Lmao!!!! Payback is a biaatccch!!! Love the ending doe,it was worth the wait. "Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned nor hell a fury like a woman scorned".


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