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The writer of Today’s Letter chose to be Anonymous


Small head,

Meeting you may have been normal…I was used to getting picked up by guys in cars. But there was something different about yours. As I hopped into your car, your beautiful eyes welcomed me. We chatted like we had known ourselves for years. I was super excited…really cute guy, I remember saying.

We hung out that same evening till late, I don’t know why I was so free with you. You may have been a serial killer for all I know but there was something different about you; something that made me trust you.
Weeks past and we were getting closer, we chatted about everything…I knew a lot about you. You are quite older than me yet we talked like peers. You called me small head and I always replied you same.

I remember when I had a little accident and how I stressed you and panicked like it was massive. I could see the look on you and your friend’s face when you saw the injury. Despite you still took care of it…you were sweet. You are sweet.

I found myself trying to be a better person, doing things I don’t normally do. I learned a lot in the last 4months of knowing you. I became better at a lot of things.

Then we kissed…. You looked so handsome that day. And your smile! It was way better than Van Vicker’s.

As expected everything changed… You said you are trying to protect me.

Then I told you that I was not your kind of girl, that you could do better than me…well, that was me consoling myself should incase things never get better. I rambled on trying to justify my statement.

I remember when you asked me if I could date someone like you. I replied ‘I dont know’. But in my mind I was like who asks a child if he wants lollipop and expects a NO?
You were my lollipop, you still are.

I miss you. Its annoying trying to figure what’s on your mind and what going on in your life. I miss my friend.

And yes I know you’re someone else’s prince charming and I can’t have you, I would just be satisfied stalking your pm, dp and LinkedIn profile and being reminded of you by any bright red car that I see. Well, till my own prince comes rescue me from the madness.

I asked God why He let me meet you when he knew it would only hurt me in the end. Although he hasn’t answered me, am positive it was all in my best interest.

It’s your special day today and I wanted to share with the world how I met an amazing person who truly broke my walls…

P.S: She is a very lucky girl to have you.


Lovely Right ?

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