@AyoB_’s Letter (Letter To My Crush)

Welcome to our First Project on Alariwo.org ^_^.

The Letter To My Crush project.

If you missed the preview, you can view it here, just so you have an idea what we are up to.

Do you secretly admire Him or Her ? is He your Crush  or is she your crush ? Shy to tell anyone about it ? Shy/Scared to tell the person about it ? Well why don’t you get it all gone by sharing it with us ^_^

You could even share the post with the person and something could start up from there  😉

or it could be our Little Secret ^.^

What do you think ? Care to Join the Fun ?

Send your Letters in then to [email protected]  


Today we would be Reading @AyoB_’s Letter

Letter To My Crush ^_^


By Crush i don’t mean

I dont Mean this ^_~

I dont Mean this ^_~

and No  i don’t mean this either


Where did the rock come from ba ? i am also confused



So what do i mean by My Crush ?

Well i would explain shortly


My Letter 


Hey Baby,

Yes that’s what i call you in my Head…

i am not so good with writing,but they say a picture means a Million words, well the 1500 words space i was given wouldn’t be enough to tell you about you , so i plan to send  Millions of words.

Whenever you are around me i do this x_x




Remember when we had to do that assignment together ?




And yes i did pay Miss Ngozi, our teacher back… how i did that is a story for another day,



and Yes the day you accepted me on Facebook

That Moment When Your Crush Accepts Your Friend Request



And Yes i have named our Children *omolola , Ayomide and if we have a Third Ermm Folakemi or Ayotomide or modupe* Well we can always agree on New set of names thou

Dont Judge Me

Don’t Judge Me

I am always so pain when this happens, i guess i take the person as a threat  to there being a “US”



and Yes i always want to do this, but not having access to a Gun is the only thing that has held me from doing so

If i can die for you, why can’t i go to prison for you also… lool



The other day i overheard your friends gisting with each other about you and about one guy that you liked

when your crush likes someone else



Then when I heard you were now Dating him

when the crush is in a relationship

But then something Happened

When you hear your crush is single again

I am actually a very confident and outspoken guy  but this always happens


Remember the night i eventually spoke !


I was hurt, i knew i had lost you so i got drunk and this happened


I Still Hope for the best  between us even after crushing on you for  12years now, but yet


Now you are engaged to that nigga!!

what makes him better off than me ? i ask myself ?

Does he appreciate you more than i do ?

Yours Sincerely Crusher



loool  This is just a Trailer of the Project 

We official Start tomorrow by 4pm. 

Remember you can join this Project by sending your letter to [email protected] 

This Project Promises to be fun and exciting so Stay Tuned.

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12 thoughts on “@AyoB_’s Letter (Letter To My Crush)

  1. Ayob Alariwo Post author

    First to comment
    :p to your faces niggas,, why do u think i would want to give you my Free Credit :p

  2. Ayob Alariwo Post author

    loool ok a serious note.. i would share my Credit with the 2nd person to comment on this Post sha

  3. sheypoundzz

    Ermmm…the only crush I have if for oyedola’s daughters ×_× or any crazy rich babe…all other babes can go and suck it :d


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