Can style be too much?

Title: Can style be too much?

Author: Morolake (Guest Writer) 

Category: Fashion

I personally believe that there’s beauty in simplicity, there’s class in simplicity. I see Kate Middleton and see someone who doesn’t try too hard but still classy. Now putting ‘life’ into an outfit can either be a yay (if u define your style well) or a nay (if too much).

A dress having more than one focal point can be too much, rocking more than three colors can be too much, revealing too much skin can be too much. And sometimes, it’s not the outfit that’s too much. It could be your hair (only Nicki Minaj can rock a pink hair, not everybody), accessories etc.

Know the materials that suit you well, the colors that complement your skin. Spend on quality outfits, people are usually bothered about how many clothes they have, so they buy so many and forget about how outfits can define you.

From the series ‘suits

Ross asked:- “Does it matter how much I spend on suits?”

Specter replies, :-“People respond to how you dress, so like it or not this is what you have to do.”


Few people’s opinion on ‘too much style’



@am_eromz: I rather play in the middle, but I think style can be too much when one tries to put too much concept in one. Build your ensemble from a piece, for example you can build your outfit from your shoes or top




@Slowburn_99 : For me, it’s when everything shouts. Big collar shirts, Alligator shoes, multicolored shirts on striped pants with spinners’ belt (lol). Most guys ‘need a high on a low’ when dressing. If the shirt is shouting, let the pants and the shoes calm it down




@motolar: Style is never too much; it’s a process that revolves every 6months. For example, Burnaboy’s glasses (lol), was ridiculous when my mum was wearing it but hey!, it’s awesome now. Oleku, was a style in the 70s and now it’s back



@dexpanach: For guys, floral material is a no for me. For girls, it okay to reveal the top if every other part is covered and mini is good if the top is covered. Don’t reveal too much and don’t buy heels you cannot walk in. Comfort matters a lot.



What do you think guys?

Can style ever be too much?

If it’s too much for A, does it mean it’s too much for B?

Please drop your comments and have a wonderful day, cheers

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4 thoughts on “Can style be too much?

  1. @sky_walker_JFK

    Style to me is an ART! an EXPRESSION! Sometimes it makes less meaning to some and means a lot to other set of individuals. You just have to create your own meaning!

    • Rolake

      Yea, style is relative. Really, what matters is being confident in what you create as your own style. Thank u :)

  2. honeydewAmos

    Style can never be too much and when it’s too much,it’s no longer “style”.. Like the see through dresses are super cool nd sassy but some are just shaped in an offensive way..,also too much decollatage is a no no for me.Finally,floral prints on guys are cool only when it’s made as a shirt but when it’s floral and some other pattern as the bottoms or floral as bottoms,plsss!Stp that dude. Lovely post!

    • Rolake

      Funny enough, I’d love floral shorts as a beach wear for a tall built guy. Yea, decolletage can be too much for dem busty gals. Thanks :)


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