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The Letter To My Crush project.

If you missed the preview, you can view it here, just so you have an idea what we are up to.

Do you secretly admire Him or Her ? is He your Crush  or is she your crush ? Shy to tell anyone about it ? Shy/Scared to tell the person about it ? Well why don’t you get it all gone by sharing it with us ^_^

You could even share the post with the person and something could start up from there  😉

or it could be our Little Secret ^.^

What do you think ? Care to Join the Fun ?

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Today we would be Reading  @Dante_angelo’s Letter

He Blogs on voiceofmaximu. Do Check it out after reading his letter


Just staring at my phone, waiting patiently for that bloody LED light to blink red. Sent a message via Twitter. Dying of anxiety, I go through your pics on Instagram, its a daily routine, I’m used to it (PS: don’t see this as an obsession). Commenting and “liking” some pictures. You’re just gorgeous. But I’m shy to tell you, because many guys are on your matter. You might have heard “You’re beautiful” talk so often, I wonder if me telling you will make a difference.

You’re a 9/10 (that’s on avi and Instagram Posts) but when I saw you on the island, you were actually a 7… (Calculation: (AR / 2) + 2.5 = RR, where AR = Avi rating, RR = Real Rating) but 7 is great, still above my league.

I’m just a normal guy you might have “Lol”ed his tweets, I doubt you’ve noticed me once, but oh well, just gotta be hopeful.

The day I saw you, Cupid (Bloody asswipe) shot me like three times. Can’t seem to get your simple, light make-up, tush, face. I dreamt about you once……. Ok 18 times (No wet dreams). Right now, you’re perfect in my eyes, wish I knew you more so I can be certain you’re the “La Mujer De Mi Vida” *plays telemundo theme song in background*

You’re just a charming young lady and you found yourself to my heart unknowingly. I just want to kidnap you and lock you up indoors for ever (PS: as stated before, its not an obsession, don’t be scared).

Day goes by, I wonder if you’ll notice me, I wonder if you’ll gimme a chance and take you on a date, I wonder if you’ll ever be mine, I wonder if I’ll send you roses & cakes, I wonder if I watch you sleep in my arms, I wonder if I can propose to you while in a hot air balloon over the Scottish Highlands, I wonder if we’ll get married, I wonder if we’ll have beautiful kids together, I wonder if you’ll call me baby when I’m old and crazy, I just wonder…. *turns off Femi Kuti’s “Wonder” song*

Your Crush


Lovely Right ?

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