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Today we would be Reading  @dewunmi_’s Letter

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I saw you in church on a Sunday and I’m glad you were not one of those church hoppers who try different places of worship just for the free first timers’ snack. You don’t look the type but then, looks can be very deceiving. Like Tola that acted like she couldn’t swallow a lump of fufu and ended up clearing out my wallet at the Chinese restaurant I took her to but I digress.

First thing I noticed was your beret; no one wears berets in my church anymore especially ones with pink stripes. I was nudging Goke beside me to guffaw with me when you turned and caught my eye. It wasn’t love at first sight or anything dramatic like that, I merely just confirmed in my mind that I would marry you one day. Beautiful face and no makeup that I could see. I have three younger sisters so I know that any self respecting Mary Kay consumer used at least three layers to achieve that baked look and here you were with your fresh scrubbed face and plump cheeks. Plus, what kind of girl wore a pink beret?

I planned my strategy with Goke; I would hit you up after service and act like I was a worker wanting to direct you. You were after all the future Mrs. Dada and the sooner you got to know me, the faster we could make plans.

It’s been months now and I’m still fascinated by you. How you didn’t act like a prima donna when you figured out I was pretending to be a worker. How hilariously funny you are; how you laugh just like me (our kids will need laughing-in-public lessons). I liked you more when I found out the reason you wear strange colored outfits is because you’re color blind and you pick whatever your hands lay on. How you love God and talk about Him all the time, how you keep trying to convert me from my secularism.

You laughed when I said I would marry you and moved on talking about the supremacy of moin moin over akara and why corn pap is the best breakfast cereal ever. I know you probably thought I was joking and maybe a part of me is but I know myself well enough to know how I feel about you is different from any random crush (insert here Tola, Maybellina and DIdi).

I like you very much, I care about you deeply. I don’t know where we will go from here but right now, I am happy just knowing you. Because you are different from any other girl I’ve ever known and you wear funny colors.


Lovely Right ?

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2 thoughts on “@dewunmi_’s Letter #LetterToMyCrush

  1. Reemtos (@Reemtos)

    “You were after all the future Mrs. Dada and the sooner you got to know me, the faster we could make plans.” This is line is just hilarious. This is wonderful mehn.. Props. Hopefully, she sees this. LOL.


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