How A Card Took Me Out On A Date – Jennifer

It was going to be a good day, I felt it… Maybe because it was my birthday. Birthdays are kind of a big deal…you know.

Well, my friend Temi came over and presented me with what she called a pre-birthday gift, a plastic card called “ParolZ Citycard”.

I asked her what it was for but she only told me it cost 2000 naira. I wondered why my so called best friend would get me a plastic card on my birthday.

Tah! What a cheap friend.

Anyway, I wasn’t going to let that meddle with my already awesome day. So we went to have lunch at the famous La Mango in GRA Ikeja.

Although I hadn’t been there in a while, the ambience was still so lovely. We went up the terrace and picked a table surrounded by short trees and afro plants, overlooking the clear blue pool…Beautiful Place.

We ordered the three course meal for two which starts off with two spring rolls and samosa as appetisers; with a choice of either the Party plate (jollof rice serves with plantain, coleslaw and chicken) or kaho ob suparo koong (pineapple Chinese fried rice served in pineapple shell with cashew nut and chicken chunks), etc. as the main course.

Then we had ice cream for dessert.

After we were done eating, the cute (really cute) waiter came to us and presented a bill of 10,000 Naira. At this point Temi told the guy that I brought my ParolZ Citycard along with me. I was a little confused as I dipped my hand into my bag and gave the waiter the ParolZ Citycard.

After taking a quick look at my 2000 Naira birthday gift, the waiter topped if off by telling me that my bill would be slashed by half. As if my day wasnt awesome enough .. Temi smiled and said “Awesome gift right? Happy Birthday Jennifer”

… Hell yeah!

It was a delightful topper to a great day out – for the both of us. And after all that food, Temi suggested we go to the next best place where we could use my new found love, my ParolZ Citycard. So i went back to the website ( with my phone and did a little search….And off we were… to the spa.

Anyways, i just decided to share this new found love of mine with my fellow Alariwo readers. Go get yours, i heard its limited and you can use it to get discounts in a lot of restaurants, spas, boutiques, etc.


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