How I Fell in Love with Nutella

Hi, I’m Ayo.

I met Sandra at a wedding last year. She was heart-broken.

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We got talking and ended up as good friends.

We would go out, I’ll buy her stuff and sometimes, we would end up spending the night together; as friends.

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Before I could think it, I was already proposing:

She said she likes it when I stay,

She said she don’t want me to go

She said I always make her day,

Girl will you be my Lover …


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You said No. But I thought you loved me :(

And in her response she said:

 I love the way you smile at me.

 Mo fe ko je bi ore o.   

Immediately she said that, I knew I had fallen deep into the friendzone.

I found myself cooking for her, washing her plates;


Driving her to see her male friends.


Fortunately, I had friends who knocked sense back into me.


Guarded myself, all set to break out of the friend zone.


She explained that I was going for my masters soon and she could not handle a long distance relationship


So I begged her that we could go out for the time being.

We went on a couple of dates and we did it



While I was preparing to travel,   she said;

And I wish we never did it;

And I wish we never loved it;

And I wish I never fell so deep in love with you

And now there ain’t no way we can be friends.

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So I held her. Threatened I was going to take all the jewellery and stuff I bought for her.


And forced her to wash the toilet and the bath tub

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She still didn’t want me.

So I bought nutella.

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And yeah.. that’s my story.

I’ve spent my days and nights speaking to nutella.

My nutella loves me, never disappoints and I love her too.

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