I AM CHIBOK by Marve Micheal @just_marve

So we received this Lovely and Touching mail sometime this week, we couldn’t help but publish it. we hope to get more of this type of materials.


I know that I might not leave here alive

I know that my mother’s heart won’t 
Last long enough to know
If I made it back home 
I can hear my father grumbling
Beneath his tears 
‘I knew she should have stayed home’
Even though he took me 
To school himself that day
Not because I needed a guardian 
But because I was almost done 
With my exams and he had never been there
And he was so proud that I made it through 
He was the last member of my family 
I saw that day 
We don’t get much of the news 
Mostly because we don’t hang out by the TV with the men
But we had heard of the killings
People with bombs fighting for a cause
We didn’t know what they believed in 
But that they were convinced enough 
To kill people for it
So when the soldiers came asking for us
We assumed someone with power and money
Wanted us safe 
Or at least I assumed, others were scared 
They took us on the truck 
And our journey began
We had many stops and transfers
Many men, some scary, some confused
But we knew the boss
He came around at every stop and counted us
And soon he split us up and tagged us
We were together but no one dared 
To breach his boundaries 
When he stared at us
It was like he disgusted that 
We learnt to read and write
He told us that our minds had been poisoned 
He told us that soon enough we will
Be put to our true use 
By learning to cook and make children 
At one of our stops we sat to eat
They had bought us food in old newspapers 
And on the page I had, was written
‘Boko Haram takes over 200 chibok girls’

It was then I realized that the last
Person to see me alive 
Would probably be him, the leader
When he finally killed us all
This scared me for  while 
But as I read this piece of paper 
About how our country, my country
Needed reformation and peace
I bowed my head and prayed 
Not for our release or freedom 
But that, as we have been taken 
Found or not, this would be the beginning 
Of a new era for my country
That people will see this incident 
As a wake up call for all that must be done
That I do not be remembered
As one of the girls taken from chibok
And never found again
But as one of the girls that changed 
The course of the nation
I want these men to wake up every morning 
And regret ever taking us
Not because we can fight back on our
But because they have unleashed 
A force that they cannot control
The fight of the Nigerian people 
For a place they can call home
My home was chibok
And I am chibok.

bring back our girls

bring back our girls 3

bring back our girls 2

@just_marve reporting on Alariwo.

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We all need to continue pushing this CAUSE and not get tired of  doing us… Even if it seems the Government is not doing anything about it or have gone all silent  about it.

  I know The World cup has been exciting,Trending and has distracted us from the CAUSE, but think about it the CHIBOK GIRLS cant and wouldn’t be watching the world cup as we all have the privilege to.



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