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Joyce’s dad has always been the only ally she had since her mother died. As a ten year-old, she had experienced what it felt like to have a loved one taken from one first hand and that explains her passive demeanor towards everything.  He had promised to always be by her side and never let her face the world alone so much that he had birthed the dream of seeing Joyce blossom with life again. Like the kid she was before ten.

Joyce always respond to music has a child. Her mum used to pacify her with it when she was little and would stop crying. Her dad believed music can stop the wailing in her heart and bring her back to life again.

He was a man of a respectable but humble means. He worked hard and gave Joyce the best of everything even if it caused him ‘everything’. So it was a huge deal for Joyce when he came home with a rented truck carrying her grand piano. Joyce had the idea of what it must have cost him so she promised to practise till she makes the cost worth it. Being a pianist himself, he managed to create time for her so she had the best dad, friend and music teacher in the world… At least that was what she said.

‘You should consider an academy next year Joyce’. Her father said to her one day after practise.

‘That will cost us everything Dad!’, she responded almost with a resignation that said such consideration was a fruitless venture.

Her dad twitched her nose playfully and said; ‘you worry about getting in, let me worry about the cost.’

But her audition day was going to question everything she had believed in. Joyce had never played before a crowd. She had only played to her dad so she had said to him:

‘When I climb that stage to play and I look up, I’m going to fix my eyes on you and pretend like there is no one else in the room. That way, I will find the courage to play to them. Promise you won’t miss it for anything dad.’

‘For anything?’ Her father asked. ‘You know the audition will clash with my work hours right?’

Joyce played deaf and emphasized more audibly; ‘for anything dad’.

‘For anything’, he said resignedly.

‘And you won’t be late?’ She searched his eyes like the answers were there.

‘He stroked her hair, looked into her eyes and said; ‘I’ll be just in time.’

However, a tearful Joyce climbed the stage and it must have been the longest walk to a piano in her life as she wished a miracle would happen and her dad would step in just in time before she began to play. She wondered if she could go through with the audition. She was shaking all over with sweat of trepidation forming a layer on her forehead. Her palms were wet too and she felt her fingers will slip off the keys if she played with them.


As she sat on the stool, her mind jumping everywhere. She braced herself to play and looked into the crowd. Every eyes were fixed on her except the one that matters most. The eyes felt like darts that pierced through her defence and broke down every courage she has summoned. Her heart felt like a rain cloud that got too heavy to hold water. Several years of bottled up pain hit the surface and in that moment of disappointment, her best defence mechanism was inadequate to hold back her tears. She began to cry profusely.

“I’m sorry”, she managed to blurt out amidst her tears and started making her way down, staggering off the stage.

” You can do it Joyce!” The voice of the one that matters most cried out to her as she was about to hit the final steps off the stage.

She paused and looked and you can imagine the joy that filled her heart. She found the courage to go back and she played beautifully.

As the hall rang with applause for her at the end of her performance, she looked into the crowd one final time before she bowed. She could have sworn she heard the voice of the one that matters most – her mother echo her dad’s; ‘Just in time… Ain’t I?’

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