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The Letter To My Crush project.

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I hope you all enjoyed it while it lasted.


Today we would be Reading @Laryoh’s Letter


I think it’s high time these feelings left already, the mention of your handle keeps bugging me. It affects me from the inside like nothing has ever done. Every time I think I’ve gotten over you, you appear in front of me again and again. Won’t these feelings leave already? I’m tired of feeling this way, a lot of times I forget about it totally but an IG update, a tweet or my friends mentioning your name is all it takes to bring the feelings back.

I literally have to exert all the COOL, CALM and COLLECTED behaviour I have to keep me from fidgeting and swooning when I’m around you L… I guess its youthful passion characterized by the first love syndrome, if I had my way I won’t let any daughter of mine go into a relationship that young (but then my mother never told me to go into one). Even in the dark of the night with only a candle light I just had to write something down, Memories came back at the mere mention of your nickname. The feeling is sadly sweet when you update about your new babe (and there have been countless faces LOOOOL). Of course I’m always happy for you but deep down I know you’re mine: you’ll still come back to me… and then I had to be in the same room with you and your babe then( now ex), I just couldn’t control the gut wrenching feeling, the sadness for what could’ve been and what might have been J…..  I had to leave cus I just couldn’t deal.

How I wish these unwanted feelings will just leave already, guys after you and none has matched or come close to what I felt for you, I’m tired and it’s getting irritating…. I don’t even want you to come back all I want is to be free. I think I took your punishment out on others after you and I’m tired of hurting people, I’m almost at the point where I no longer care again. Lord Help Me.

You thought me a lot; to be smart, what not to expect and what to expect, not to trust. You thought me patience and I guess I’ve been living on patience so far but it’s high time the silliness ended. I’ve given myself enough time to be silly, my pride won’t even allow me otherwise, so I say GOODBYE to the stubborn feelings, it’s time to move on.

I don’t even know if this is a letter to my crush or the image of you living inevitably in my head. I wish you’ll see and not see this (yes that’s how confusing the feelings are)



Lovely Right ?

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