To my unborn Son (And so the story begins)

My father doesn’t talk to me much; I really never figured out why but then not like I would take whatever he says into consideration if he did anyway. But that day was different.

I sat there still as a rock starring into my father’s face as he sipped his drink some more. He looked at me for the umpteenth time and finally spoke up.

‘You’re creeping me out boy, why are you starring at me like that’

‘Because you forced me out here, oh and also because your face is fine, like mine’

He looked away slowly with a faint smile developing on his face and looked back almost immediately to see if I was still starring at him. I was.

‘Jesus boy’ he said with a look on his face that almost made me laugh out, but I couldn’t, I was in character and I couldn’t break it, he had forced me out of my comfort zone and I was going to make him uncomfortable in his.

‘Okay boy I’m sorry’ he said reluctantly, ‘can you look away now’

‘Yes father’ I replied with a smile as I brought out my phone to capture the look on his face.

‘What do you do in your room all day anyway’ he said putting his palm on his face to prevent me from capturing it.

‘I don’t know, sleep, drink, read, masturbate’

‘Mastu what now’ he half screamed after he quickly spat out the drink in his mouth.

‘Calm down father’ I said as I took his picture, he was probably too shocked to block this time.

‘I was just pulling your legs, your favourite son doesn’t touch himself’. I paused ‘Very often’

The look on his face this time made me laugh so much I fell off the chair. He was starring at me like a kid that was just force fed a bitter medicine and didn’t want to swallow.

Standing up I could see people were starring at out table, so I waved my hand indicating that it was nothing serious. Luckily my father’s face was still exactly the way I left it before I fell, so I took another picture and told him convincingly that I was joking.

‘Of course you are’ he said a little bit relieved. ‘And you’re not my favourite son’

‘Oh I’m not’ I replied feigning disappointment

‘Yeah I don’t have any favourites’

‘Oh now I find that very hard to believe’

He paused for a bit and looked long and hard into his glass of wine like he was looking for some inspiration, and like he found it he spoke up some seconds later.

‘You probably won’t understand now because you’ve not yet fathered a child, but then a parent loves his kids equally, although its very hard to portray that because the kids mess us differently.

The table fell silent for the first time since we got there. I was digesting what he had said, and him, well I didn’t really know what he was doing, but it didn’t really didn’t last long, seconds I heard his name some meters away from the table.

We both looked in the direction it came from but even before we did, we both knew who it was.

With a broad grim on his face he increased his face as he and my father screamed nick names at themselves, names I don’t even think they themselves knew the meaning.

He had someone at his side, a female and after she took a few more steps toward us I saw the resemblance. I’d never really seen her before, or if I did I didn’t take notice, but the resemblance brought some form of closure, like I’d know her all my life.

She was dark like him, very dark, almost devil black. She was almost the same height as her short father, but her heels gave a little advantage. She was not too thin, she had a little flesh and an eye like an owl, also like her father. She couldn’t walk as fast as him though, her heels were probably not helping her out in that department.

Leaving his daughter slightly behind he finally arrived at the table screaming ‘Ajigijaga’ and my father replied heartily shouting ‘Tunde orimidunpa’

They hugged, laughed and started a conversation immediately, I greeted him and he answered with a warm smile and quickly continued their conversation.

She finally reached the table and greeted my dad a little shyly, he stopped talking to his friend immediately and went over to hug her, apparently he had not seen her for a long time.

My father introduced her to me formally and he asked if I could still remember her.

‘Yeah a bit’ I lied stretching out my hand for a hand shake. She stretched hers out and added a smile to go. She had a great smile and a perfect set of very white teeth and that made me smile.

She got a seat beside me and tried to relax, our fathers continued in their conversation but we said nothing to each other, we both pretended to concentrate on our phones.

A couple of minutes later a couple of their friends stormed our table, and there was so much noise from their calling of names that we looked at each other for the first time since she sat down and smiled at each other slightly embarrassed.

After like a minute of shouting they decided to leave the table for a larger one and left us there.

For the second time that day the table fell silent but like the first it wasn’t for long.

‘Its been a while’ she said breaking the silence.

‘Yeah a very long time’

‘I think the last time we saw was your tenth birthday’

I really couldn’t remember seeing her there but I nodded in agreement.

‘Do you still know how to dance makosa that well’

The question caught me so much of guard, I almost choked on my drink trying not to laugh. With a quick swallow, I sent down the drink and we both laughed.

‘I hope not’ I said finally and I really hoped not, my siblings taunted me with the video so much I had to go hide it. It was ridiculous. I was dancing like a hungry chimp that had been promised a bunch of banana after the session.

‘I heard you’re in covenant’

‘No kidding’

‘Yeah I guess, Akure is a small place, I could go on if you want’

I laughed a little

‘You don’t need to; let me’
‘Civil engineering, I’m on IT though’

‘Oh good, I’m in Bowen, computer science’

‘Sounds nice’

‘Its not really, where are you working?’


‘Do they pay well’

‘At all’

‘That sucks’

‘Yeah I guess, I hope to pour salt in one of their engines when I’m going’

Her laughter caught me off guard, probably I didn’t say it to be funny, I actually picked out the pay loader already.

From then on we talked more freely. We decided to take a stroll after sometime, it was a new estate, beautiful one and she wanted to look around.

She walked for a bit and then complained about her heels, so I offered her the pair of slippers I always kept in my car.

We walked there got it, and continued walking again, we talked much, we laughed more, she is fun and a little funny.

I liked how she laughed, the way she covered her mouth when something was ridiculously funny like she was preventing something from jumping out of it.

I liked the way she looked at me when I was saying something serious, the way her large eye balls scanned my face like it was checking for something.

I liked the way she nudged me slightly when I said something silly and funny at the same time. The first time it happened she did it cautiously like she wanted to gauge how I would react.

I guess she saw I didn’t mind.

After walking for a while we decided to return and on getting to the gate of the hotel we could hear the loud sound coming from the hall we came from.

I guess the ceremony was over and it was time to dance.

She said it was too loud and she would prefer staying outside so she sat on my car while I roamed the little space between both tail lights and watched my slippers dangle on her little feet.

I made fun of them and she laughed and made fun of mine too. I smiled a bit, paused and asked for her number, pin and everything kids this days require to stalk each other.

She gave me and then demanded for mine which I gave too.

Like he knew I was done with the most important task of the evening, my father called me almost immediately and asked where I was and also said something about being set to go.

I told him and almost immediately she got the same call from her father. Few seconds later they were walking toward us, their drivers trying to walk faster than them.

She came down from the trunk without saying anything of the car and after walking a few steps she turned back.

‘What are you doing to tomorrow’

‘It depends on who’s asking’

‘Its me’ she said with a smile

‘Well then nothing’

‘Do you want to take me for ice cream?’

‘Definitely’ I said nodding with a smile’

‘Okay, see you then’ she said turning around slowly

‘You’re forgetting to drop my slippers’

‘Nah, that’s my only insurance that you’re going to knock my gate tomorrow’ she replied smiling.

But now our folks, everyone greeted everyone and entered their cars.

I looked at my dad as he entered the back seat of his car and smiled a bit.

He’ll probably never know but he helped make my day.

‘I like this one’ I thought to myself as I drove after the bloody red brake light of my father’s car.

My father doesn’t talk to me much; I really never figured out,but then it would be different with us because I’ve seen my sperm on a couple of occasions and I think I’m comfortable with the way it looks so I guess I should be comfortable with you.

I would talk to you much, I would tell you things and I’ll disturb you to tell me things. We would do things, we would do things I love and things you love, but mostly the things you love.

I’ll give you a lot of advice and I won’t force you to take them, but while you’re looking for the best way to rub it in my face, think on this,

I might not be the smartest person alive, but there’s a deep seated wisdom in every man for his offspring, try to take advantage of it

Its still your boy @goldenmoses, stay tuned.


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