Letter to My Unborn Child by @Pikcha_perfect

March 18, 2015. 05:15.

Hey baby, you’re eight weeks and three days old in the womb today.

You gave me a fright all night, I almost had a heart attack, I panicked since 23:15 when I went to use the toilet and I saw less than a droplet of blood and I haven’t slept since. I hope you’re still hanging in there. Holding on for Mama because right now, nothing else matters to me as I am also holding on for you.

You’re going to be the key to my sanity and insanity. How hard can it get, right?

I cannot wait to tell the world about you, but I need to make sure you’re ok first.

I think I know what’s coming next..

They will say I am incapable of taking care of you. They will say that because I am not married to your father, I don’t know what I am doing. In short, my own parents may disown me.. But I am ready to go through all these for you.

So you have to hang in there for me. Please. There is nothing more I would love for you to do.

I can’t wait to see your “teeth-less” grin. Your daddy gave me a camera to capture you, but I am waiting for nothing more than those perfect moments. I cannot wait for you to have small eyes and pink lips like your daddy, cute nose and ears like your mummy and I PRAY you get your daddy’s hair too as I don’t have much on my head but please, don’t bring your father’s toenails to the world (^_^) horrendous hahaha!

Well, I am awake because I need you to hang on for me my dear Alexander, Jordan, Zion, Samantha, Annabelle, Alexandria, Jaymie or Danielle.

I’d love it even more if you were two.

I love you now and I always will be ready to put my life down to make sure you survive.

Your mum-to-be

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