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What is love? Love is not a feeling. It’s not an emotion. Love is not what we all think it is.


I was sitting one day with my grandpa as a boy about to commit himself to a woman. He said to me “son, do you know what love is? Are you in love with this woman?”. I scoffed and replied “yes sir, I am! Why wouldn’t I be? She completes me, she makes me smile…” And he cut me in “son, listen to yourself. Are you really in love with this woman? You don’t need to answer now, maybe later when you have understood yourself a bit more”.
I felt like my grandpa didn’t know what he was talking about. He was just asking me these questions I was ever so sure of. What else would it be if not love? We had seen each other through the deepest, darkest of situations (or so I thought).

I went home that night wondering why my grandpa was so adamant about that question. I really wanted to know what it was he was trying to get across to me.
I saw my girlfriend/soon to be fiancée (wife, mother of my children) and she had prepared a table for me. Oh, how I love this woman. I ate the delicious meal and I just couldn’t believe she was going to be mine. She was talking to me about her day and I was staring at her, smiling, I was convinced I loved her.

Sitting at work, my new personal assistant was assigned to me, a very hot female, newly employed, was dressed in the most shape flattering, dress ever. As she walked into my office on her first day, I couldn’t help but admire her. She had everything a man would want. Her hair, flowing down to her chest where her cleavage just about showed.. Her hand on one waist, showing how tiny her waist was but how magnificent her hips were in the dress she was wearing which barely touched her knees, showing one of the hottest legs ever. She had an amazing face, detailed, structured. Her eyes were glowing, dark brown pupils, pointed nose and full sexy lips. I could imagine her lips around my… “Sir, my name is Erica, I want to say how honourable it is for me to be standing here as your PA today”.. If I were white, my face would have turned pink in embarrassment, I noticed I was biting my lower lip, thinking about this hot piece of cake I wanted to eat! I was so engrossed in her beauty. I said “Ohh never mind, I’m sure you are good for the job anyway”.

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months and my lust increasingly grew for Erica whilst my relationship with my girlfriend turned into marriage. I went home and had sex with my wife whilst I fantasised about Erica being the one underneath me.. I pounded her so hard like never before. It was amazing!

A few months later, I was awarded a presidential contract and I was to be working late. Erica brought wine to the office. She said “sir it is the anniversary of me working with you”.. I stared at her lips continuously, she had a dimple on her right cheek. She wore a skirt suit, nothing under her blazer which now showed a lot of cleavage. “Sir, I brought food, pounded yam and vegetable, hope you don’t mind”. “Oh no I don’t Erica thank you so much. I will eat after this wine and work”.
She walked round to my table and cleared it with her glorious right hand, spread her legs (no panties oh my God!!) and said “how about this, will you eat this after work and wine?”. I thought about my wife for a split second and smiled. (You can’t be doing this!! You love the woman at home).. And with that I buried my head in her skirt.. And started going at it.. Her moans were just like I had imagined. I grabbed her waist and started thrusting in and out of what felt golden. It felt like glorious sun.

Then I laid on the table and she came on top of me.. I still went hard on her. Pulling up into her.. I felt her about to explode.. And I pulled her down on me… Closed my eyes..tilted my head to the right.. And as I was about to release the one year wait, one year wishful thinking, one year of heavy load waiting for Erica.. I opened my eyes.. And saw my wife… And in that same second, my nut went bust.

I cried.



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12 thoughts on “Love|Lust|Lost

  1. Reuben

    Lol ! That’s the most unfortunate situation he found him self in. He wasn’t truly in love, cause if he was, he would have stayed away from having sex with Erica. Not the long type of story and nice piece.


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