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Hi, my name is Akolade and I’m on my bad guy P.
You guys are probably expecting to hear from mayowa today but hey… I told the writer of this damn script to pause on that boy, he’s been stealing my shine for too long.

Anyways, it’s Monday afternoon, Keji and I just got back from school. I told her to go home and let me relax a little but she insisted on coming over so I left her with my younger brother and mother, I gatta get some sleep mehn!

For some reason, the vibe between Mayowa and Keji has been absurd since he realised she’s my girlfriend. He didn’t even come home in my car today. Can you believe the punk? He said he’ll rather take a N2,500 cab than follow my car home because “He can’t explain it but he needed to be alone” quote and unquote… Hian!

Okay, sleep calls , I’ll get back to y’all when I’m awake…

“Where’s Akolade?” His mum asked.

“He said he wanted to catch a nap.” Keji responded then threw the dice on the monopoly chart. She’s losing really bad to Dimeji, Akolade’s brother.

“Owa fi e sile sibi bai… Who does that?” Akolade’s mum was disgruntled. “That boy knows nothing about being a gentleman.”

“Rara ma, I told him he could go, I wanted to spend some time here before going home.”

“Will your aunty not be looking for you?”

“Ah! Mummy leave her, let her concentrate on the game na.” Dimeji was getting irritated by his mother’s inquisition, “oya keji, you are the one rolling the dice now.”

“Gbenu e soun! Let your father come in and meet you playing game when you’ve not gone where he sent you.” She patted Keji gently “Wo, Keji, I want to get some sleep too before those trouble makers return from their evening class. They will turn the house upside down now when they enter here. I begged God for two boys, after he gave them to me, in His infinity mercies, He added a set of male twins as complimentary.”

The breeze that blew from the lagoon busted in Keji’s face as she exits Akolade’s front door. The tense heat of the day gave in as the breeze carried the cool that rested on the river all day. Vehicles followed each other in quick succession through Zone B as they made their ways to other parts of the estate, happy to have made it through the traffic just outside Melrose Estate Gate.

Keji had almost passed the Super Mart when she remembered she needed a new face cleanser. Hitting her palm on her forehead, she spun saying “almost forgot” as she made her way….

As usual, the mart was packed, especially with people still in their office wear, trying to get a thing or two before they crash on their beds. Keji stared with admiration at a young man whose cologne lingered all around the mart. He had his phone to his ear and was picking items after repeating what the person at the other end of the phone called out to him asking “and what again?” Repeatedly.

“He’s married,” a voice jolted Keji back into the mart.

She sighed, “oh, Mayowa, it’s you. You startled me.”

“Sorry, didn’t mean to.” He said wryly.

“So why have you been acting all weird since you found out about Akolade and I? Did you not -”

“Like seriously Keji,” Mayowa cut in before she could finish up her sentence. “Of all people, how can you be with Akolade?”

“Because I love him…” She defended herself.

“Yet you could not tell me that when we first met… You even led me to believe…” Mayowa halted and sighed. “You know what? Forget it.”

“To believe what Mayowa? Led you where? You assumed. What’s wrong with a girl letting a guy’s fantasy linger because she likes the way…” She buried her head and mumbled the rest of the words, “…she likes the way he looks at her.”

They both stood transfixed in front of each other for considerable seconds before keji spoke up.

“I’ve got to go.” She held her gaze up and her expression was stern.

“Thought you came in to buy something.”

“Some other time.” Keji spun to leave but Mayowa grabbed her arm. She halted.

“When can I see you?”

“I don’t know,” she released her arm with a sudden jerk and walked away from him. Mayowa stood there staring at her as the distance between them got wider praying she’d take one final glance at him before she walked out the mart. Oh well… she didn’t!


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4 thoughts on “Series: Melrose Estate Ep 03

  1. Ayob Alariwo

    Lmao @ “praying she’d take one final glance at him before she walked out the mart. Oh well… she didn’t! ”
    Hahaha :p that thing can pain sha… Chai :( Akolade is the man jor #MyFavCharacter :) … Mayowa is a learner jarey


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