Series: Melrose Estate Ep 02


The afternoon sun always cause fatigue, making Melrose Estate quiet down. Like every other weekend, those working 9 to 5; 5 days a week want to let off steam but not today, the cookout(or rather the ‘owambe’) in our zone (Zone B) would not let them.

The party scene was jam packed, with long queues of vehicles and excited people trying to raise their voice over the loud speakers blaring out old Juju music tunes.

For most young ones in my neighborhood, it was a sight to behold but it particularly frustrated my dad who keeps busting out of his study looking for windows yet to be shut in order to reduce the noise.

“This people will not let someone sleep in peace, ah! I thought Lagos State had laws restricting this?”

“Umph! Fi won sile” my mum replied in yoruba. “Didn’t you celebrate Juwon’s 15th birthday and disturb the whole neighborhood last year?”

My father stared at her in disdain, not knowing what reply to give her. In another life, he would have slapped her into another country but I really don’t think he’s ready to imagine a life without her. He looked at me in a way that said, ‘support me na,’ but I pretended to be adjusting juwon’s cloth as she slept on the couch, since I can’t pretend to be watching the TV due to the noise.

At around 5, the sun was setting, enough to cast a big shade over the basketball court at Zone D. Most boys in Melrose Estate found their ways to the court.

A set was already playing when I got to the court. I’d overslept, dreaming of my soon-to-be-girlfriend Keji. All the same, I wasn’t in a hurry to get to the court. Akolade had annoyed me earlier this morning so I’d intentionally skipped on going with him in his car. As I made my way to where the boys were getting ready for the next set, I ran into Keji… Literally.

I almost knock the poor girl down, thanks to my quick reflex, I grabbed her hand and held on to it till she was steady… And did not let go, even after she regained her balance.

“Okay?” She said, a little freaked out about my grip on her.

“I’m so sorry” I let go of her hand.

“You are not a freak are you… should I be worried?” She said, brushing her hair backwards. “Wait… Are you following me?”

“Oh, you are on twitter?” I quiz sarcastically

“Getting smart ain’t you?” She said smiling, “atleast, we now know you are not a psychopath, don’t tell me you came to watch too… You’d better be on the next set… Watching is for the girls you know?”

“Hehe… Yeah should be on the next set I guess but if you make enough room where you are seated, I’ll be glad to change my mind.”

“Aaaawww, how sweet… Is that suppose to be a pick up line?”

I busted into laughter. “Do you normally sweat your suitors this much?”

She looked across my shoulder, I spun around just in time to dulge Akolade’s Jab at me. He put his arms around my shoulder playfully making me jolt forward a bit.

“Mayowa! Don’t tell me you are trying to scope my girlfriend… She has not even spent up to 48 hours in this estate… Guy!”

I could not hide my astonishment!

“What?! Your girlfriend?”


@Alex_Amos reporting for Alariwo

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7 thoughts on “Series: Melrose Estate Ep 02

  1. Ayob Alariwo

    Haha keji and Mayowa Have to still do under G…

    Akolade is my fav character thou… Bad boy to the max…

  2. drdami

    “In another life, he would
    have slapped her into another country but I
    really don’t think he’s ready to imagine a life
    without her…..hehehehe!!! Funny n mature line there* kudos

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