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Title: Melrose Estate Episode 06

Writer: Alex Amos

melrose estate

The taxi bringing me to school had no extra tyre! Can you believe that? Who puts a car on the road with no extra tyre?

The taxi driver scuttled around the car carrying the car jack and looking for the appropriate to place it.

He said; “oga wait, I go quickly do am for there” he pointed to the vulcanizer’s shop nearby, “we go dey go now.”

Are you kidding me? This guy actually expects me to wait here and miss my first lecture?” I thought to myself. I gave him part payment of what we agreed on and told him; “if you fit meet me for front after you don change am, I go pay you the remaining.”

I started walking the curb with the hope of getting another taxi, an okada or at least… A keke Napep but none was graceful enough to show up.

…Except Keji!

She was walking towards the junction from across the road. She held her books to her chest, arms crossed over them and clutching her elbows.

She is approaching the junction from the west and I am approaching from the south, if I slow down a bit, she will probably walk past before I get there…

Oops… Too late, she spotted me already!

She strutted gracefully wearing that ever beautiful smile. Like she is on the runway, she got to the junction and took a pose as she waited for me to catch up. Choi! Keji actually waiting for me to catch up with her! But wait, was she not just in Akolade’s car?

“Hi Mayowa, headed to school abi?”

Mayowa opened his eyes wide, pretending to be surprised, “Am I that transparent?”

Keji giggled, “I see you’ve got jokes.”

We started the walk to school with intense first few minutes until Keji decided to be the bigger man girl and broke the silence.

“Why have you been avoiding me Mayowa?”

“Avoid you?” Gosh, I’m so full of pretence.

“Mayowa you know what I mean. Just this morning, you pretended you didn’t see Akolade and I when he drove pass you.”

I might as well give up the pretence. “Keji,” I sighed, “You know how I feel about your union with Akolade.”

“Is it just about my union with Akolade?”

“Well, the other day at the mall, you made it pretty clear we are not on the same page on the way I feel about you.”

“But Mayowa, do you realise you have never… I mean never told me how you feel about me?” She said sternly.

“Well, that’s because you told me you love Akolade.” I’m having a feeling Keji is trying to say something… Or trying to get me to say something here…

“Akolade and I broke up this morning”

I was numb for a while. I looked on ahead squinting my eyes, like trying to see something far ahead. I nodded to acknowledge I heard her because she kept on starring at me quizzically.

“That explains why you are walking,” I added.

I smiled mischievously, they actually broke up! Maybe now I can have Keji to myself… As a matter of fact, I will make sure I have Keji, Akolade won’t stand a chance to get back

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for the Mayowa-invasion… Keji will suffer Akolade-amnesia before this invasion is over!

The taxi driver caught up with us. He was telling me how I should have waited saying that the vulcanizer didn’t take too long to fix the tyre. I was smiling and nodding while he was talking but my mind was raining all sorts of curses on him because he didn’t even know how many marriages and relationship a flat tyre can save.


Ope, Tundun and Vanessa were not the only ones with their jaws dropping when Juwon hopped into Ade’s Honda Accord 2008, Toju stood transfixed at the school entrance while she watched the car vanish in the mirage created by the heat on the tar.

Since bringing a car to school was not an every-day sight, Ade did a very bad job when he stylishly dished Toju giving all sorts of excuses only for Toju to witness Ade and Juwon leaving the school together in the Honda.

That should have been her thunder but Juwon stole it, now she will pay dearly for it.

Toju shrugged and went back into the school, escorted by her aide-de-camp.

Isn’t this the reason why Adolf Hitler started World War II? (Jokes!)


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