Monday Faffing!


On way to work, I tried offering this girl a compliment and apparently its wrong to say “I like your moustache” because she looked offended.

The other day I stopped a guy and said, how much for one tuber and he looked confused, but obviously, he had them on his legs.

Anyway, Its a Monday morning and I should be occupied right? Well, I am. but I have to make sure you guys start out your day on a light note.

Been seeing this “Niggas be like” memes everywhere and some are pretty much hilarious so I decided to compile my best for you guys.




But..but… It’s his..errm

im happy


Me, to those that friend-zoned me.   (._.)

dad's cool

My dad is actually nice. He’d just ask 1,2, …10 questions at most.

5mins away

I have friends like this. The worst!.


I have friends like this. The worst!.



images (6)


Those ones that act like they don’t care, are the worst.


Cold World

Bosses be like

Bet why?

And my absolute best!!!… Drumroll..


I’m ray Charles to debts yo! :p

Enjoy your Monday!!!

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