Title: Never Say Never 

Writer: T.coco

Category: Lifematics

Life sometimes throws us the most unexpected blows.The trick is never to stay down too long before u recover and actually live in the moment.My name is….lets just say Omoristic.I can never forget the horror that engulfed me when I went to the students affairs boards at the university to check where I had been posted to ,because prior to this,the national youth corps service was such a thrill for me.I was super excited that I was going to be a teacher.I had often imagined myself swinging my cane from left to right(loool…don’t judge me) taking charge,loving  some of the kids and having the rest in my “just ok”corner.The greatest joy for me was having to teach in a public school where I could make impact.The anticipated fulfillment warmed my heart.

On that faithful march afternoon,oh dear!I thought I was seeing things.Why must my own be different? i thought,right in front of my name read SKT!What?! What the heck does that mean?I had to force myself to deny that it wasn’t sokoto.For me and most people who live in Lagos,that is something you only see in geography!To go there?No!No!Heck no!With all the unrest in the north?Nysc had definitely played a fast one on me.I resolved that I wasn’t going to go and I’ll just wait for the next batch of corpers.
In restrospect,my sokoto experience was an enlightenment for me.Yes !i did go.It opened my eyes to so many things.Even though I like to deny it,I might be a tad bit spoilt.I’m used to getting what I want most of the time.It was a jungle out there,trust me.There was no light,no bathrooms or toilets,scorching hot sun and a truck load of flies who just wanted to kiss you all the time.Did I mention the sand storms?Even with all of these,I thoroughly enjoyed myself.I saw life from a different perspective.Above all,I proved to myself that there are no  limits,there’s nothing i cannot do.Push yourself,adapt,adjust-that’s life after all.It gave me fresh insight to how the north really is opposed to how I perceive it.I met wonderful people some of whom,I’m still good friends with.My mind evolved, matured and is more open.Less judgement of people,more appreciation of little things and more thankful to God for the privilege of the kind of life I have.
In essence,never say never!its in our minds that we stay limited.Its good to see the big picture rather than fractions.Taking that risk,making that change just might be your new birth and usher in your breakthrough.It just might be life changing and a journey to self discovery.This is especially for the new set of corpers, be encouraged!be happy!Whenever you ask yourself  “why must my own be different?” remember that people have different destinies and as such different experiences.So hey you!Make the most of your experience.

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 we use this to specially pray for corpers posted to the so-called trouble states… May the good GOD guide and protect you all through out your service year :)

We at wish the new corpers a good service time…. We love you and God Bless you


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