One = 1

People have asked me; what is Alariwo? Who is Alariwo? delivers to YOU, our Audience deep thoughts in written words, we are aimed at bringing to the World “Literary Appreciation” and also a new dimension to which a message is passed across, this brought about our slogan “The Written Voice”.
Alariwo is run by a body of writers who we introduced few weeks back. *Click here if you missed the creative post —>  Mafia Love * 
Our first posts (we dropped two Posts) were exactly a year ago… Yay!! We are One Today * . We didn’t know what to expect… Threading on an already common part, we needed to stand out 
Thanks to your constant Criticism,Promotion,Love and Support we have grown and now we stand out…

We appreciate you guys for being consistent readers even when our posting became inconsistent. Looking forward to another awesome year with you 

Our First Posts:
Race by @Babaneyo—-> Click here
Curfew by @Goldenmoses —-> Click here
Alariwo Loves You

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17 thoughts on “One = 1

  1. VeeQtor

    Lol ….. Dats (rue oh A year already!!!!

    Big-Ups 2 you guys….. YaLL will always hav My support….. :)

  2. Chukwuemeka Amaraegb

    Thank you for entertaining me most of my final year especially @goldenmoses


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