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“Osho free” is a Nigerian slang used to describe doing things free of charge.
This week’s post is a slight deviation from what we are used to,.. but well, let’s just dive in!

Temitayo works a 13hour job at a bank (7am-8pm) but he’s very good at making beats that even with a beat-making App it sounds as good as one made in the studio. Since beat-making comes easy to him, he can do it within 10mins and get back to his job. So Temitayo’s friends always hit him up; “My guy, please mix this songs for me”; Make mad beat for me”, and when Temitayo says “for how much”, they go “ahn ahn, but this thing would not take your time now”, “you don’t even use your brain because it’s so easy to you”. So Temitayo lets it slide and does it for free.

so you mean to tell me

That brings me to my discussion; should you use your talent for free?

I was in the car headed home few weeks ago when I heard an OAP (On Air Personality) say “Your talent is what comes to you easily and what you do for free”.

Lol. I legit paused on the road. “Your talent is what you do for FREE”, really?
Personally, I have always contested that.

I think that’s the way we have been oriented. Use your talent for free since it comes to you easily and “suffer” to make money in things that do not come easily.

one does not simply

So your friend comes to you because you draw very well and goes; “Omoge, please draw for me”, and no benefits are attached to this flavour… Sorry, favour. But because he’s your friend, you bend to it.
I just believe that’s a terrible mentality.

Going down the spiritual lane, even the bible has a story where God gave people Talents and the one person that didn’t multiply his was punished. And I believe multiplication is partly using it to make your life better while grooming others in it.

It is just annoying when I see people that could be doing better with their lives suffer in the bank or some silly 9-5 trying to earn a living when they could be using their talents without stress and earning a great deal.
And that is why people all want to hop into Music; because they see that Talent in the end trumps “9-5”.
but is that your talent tho

I’m not saying you should not cut some slack and do things for free sometimes. I’m asking should that always be the case.

Yup, so my Throwback question is…. Should you use your talent for free? And why?

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