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So I was with two friends of mine the other day, a guy and a girl, when this anonymous chic walked past us. My male friend was quick to appreciate the ample bosom of ‘miss anonymous’ and just kept  on drooling when my female friend interjected. She was like “all this extra bum bum they sell in the market will be deceiving you boys, una no go know” and I was amazed.

With the introduction of fake butts/butt-pads in the market,  the rate at which the male gender stare at a woman who happens to have been endowed behind has doubled,  not because of a new found increased love for butt, but more because they want to assess whether its real or not.

butt pad



Personally, I think women who turn to using butt pads use them mostly because they want the male folks to appreciate their body more when they walk past, or they just want to be able to have that hour glass figure when putting on certain clothes, because we all know endowed women are way more appreciated than the ones in the opposite bracket.  Just like a confidence booster or something. The way people go lengths to antagonize those guilty of this so called ‘crime’ is just amazing.


Quick question though, women who use butt-pads can be categorized with women who wear girdles/bodymagic/spandex right?? because the women in each category are obviously creating  an illusion of something they want to have. While one set is hiding something, the other set is trying to show something. Either ways, they are both “deceiving”. So why does one set receive way more criticism?? especially as they are both striving towards the achievement of one common goal: having the perfect/drool-worthy body.


Some may say it is deceit or something, but can you really blame them?? Today’s society has women believing that the Kim Kardashian body type is the ultimate and ideal type for women and not every woman has been blessed enough with that, or something even close to that. The less fortunate ones obviously will want/try to keep up with the idea using the various tools around them to ‘package’ well.



Whilst we go around slaying the guilty ones, let’s keep in mind what some of these women go through every day just because of ‘packaging’

Throw Back Question ??? 

 Men will you let your woman package with butt pads and the likes when y’all are to hang out with your buddies and their naturally well endowed chics ???

Think about it and Do drop your opinion below 


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7 thoughts on “Packaging

  1. jennie

    Nice piece I must say!!!!!bliv me stepping out in the right outfit whether ENDOWED or not will def show off d body/figure uve got…Butt pads,spandex,body magic only gives u discomfort.

  2. Ayob Alariwo

    For me ehen.. I don’t even buy the idea of Butt pad.. Well maybe cos I am not an “Ass man” and all but seriously why deceive a nigga ?

    Always so far you are happy and your self esteem is boosted.. Then no p.. Carry on

    But most likely I would try to discourage my gf if she @ all wants to follow the fashion trend

  3. park95

    She can fake anyoda ting, but not dose set of awesomeness @ d bak, aw dare u deceive a nigga wif fake buttz??? Is u nutzz??? U make me turn my head 4 stuffed foam??? DAMN!!! May God not make me find d guilty ones!

  4. Deb

    Lmao! Well well well, its not a big deal tho. After all, everyone wants to feel and look perfect. However, ladies should not depend on it to feel loved or perfect. That would now be an issue of low self esteem

  5. Orochymaru

    I’m so angry. I feel cheated. When I think about all those butts in the past I’ve lust after being fake,I weep. Well, my girlfriend should never even know how much they sell it.

  6. seandavid

    As for me o, I like gurls wif ass and boobs btw erry sensible guy does, bur if I finally find out she only deceivin a nigga 😐 yo goin down bitch….bur tbh we guys shld appreciate all ladies d way dey made


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