Trend Alert: Polka Dot For Men

I saw this really on point pocket square in a magazine and then had this desire that every guy should accessorize with it at least once in a lifetime. Then I wrote this post so enjoy :)

The word “polka” was derived from the Polish for “Polish woman”. This goes to show that Polka dots are inherently feminine.

Men’s fashion in recent times has borrowed some trends, both good and bad from the ladies like a while back saw @Iyanya and others wearing skirts. I will leave you to judge that lol.

Personally I think outfits made up of stripes, solids and plaids has over the time become a common trend, but if you wanna trend with a difference, polka dots is for you.

Today I’m acting as a polka dot ambassador. Guys if you want a touch of swag and class you need to incorporate a touch of polka dot into your outfits. Below are pictures of different ways this can be done;

FYI: Please guys don’t go rocking polka dot print and start looking like Minnie Mouse (Disney).


Minnie mouse

Guys , no jokes oh but there’s a school of thought that believes that the day a guy rocks a polka dot boxer he’s  sure gonna get ****

What you think about polka dots? Would you rock it? Do you think it’s a worthy competitor with likes of stripes, solids etc Or Can you rock a polka tie on a polka shirt? Share your thoughts below.

Have a great day, cheers!


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2 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Polka Dot For Men

  1. AyoB Alariwo

    I love the pocket square and the “small dot” shirts, I’m not really a fan of the bow tie and normal tie.. And yes I wud love a polka dot shoe 4 myself I am not Gay. :|. I just think it wud be nice


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