Title: Ankara- The Evolution

Author: Chisom


Since when it came into vogue, creativity of diverse designers have skyrocketed as there is no limit to what you can do with the material, ranging from clothes to bags to shoes, you name it, it has risen from a local status of materials worn only for Owambe (parties dedicated to bokoto, shaki& Hot Schnapps) and August meetings (Ndi Ibo) to international standards. This material has being known to grace the likes of Beyoncé, Amber Rose, and Lady Gaga. Now every designer creates its special look-book collection dedicated to prints.

This article is dedicated to a material that has revolutionized the world of fashion as I try to itemise mytop  #list of prints oddity in an ascending order.

NOTE: ODDITY- diverse creative ways Ankara has been used

1)      Shirts/blouse

2)      Ankara waistcoats


3)      Ankara shorts/trousers


4)      Prints pocket squares

5)      Prints footwears



6)      Clutches/box bags

7)      Print umbrellas



8)      Prints teddy bear


ankara teddy bear

Leave your comments as pass or smash i.e like or dislike for individual items/pictures. Tanxs


@chizzbeatz reporting for Alariwo 

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