Running from Sagev


On the run is my soul,
Burning sensations underneath my sole,
Running from that city,
Dark lights so pretty,
Red lights with district,
Rolling lights diss strict,
No where to dodge ,
The further i forge,
The nearer it is ,
Could it be the running is on a spot,
Could it be the city on wheels,
At will the city bends wills,
Flashing lights and tunes,
Dancing and dinning with the devil on dunes,
So long that they are devils in their own right,
So wrong that it’s now right ,
No norm is the norm,
New water is the rum,
Spirits possessing spirits ,
Day and night with no breaks,
From the equation, religion breaks,
To some it’s dead ,
So they live alone with bread ,
Even when you run it draws ,
Temptation choking the air,
Give in or give out,
Sagev, the city of lost souls.


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