Title: Screwed

Writer: Toyosi

Category: Story 

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She glanced back for the hundredth time that evening and as if on cue, he looked at her and smiled. Damn him! If only she could walk up to him and slap that smirk off his face. Right…in her dreams. She turned her head back to the front and tried to listen to what the preacher was saying. *Sigh* there was just something…different about him. Like the rest of them.There was always that one thing that made them all stand out. She remembered Tochukwu. She’d walked up to him the night before convocation and told him

‘I like you. Can I have your number?’ (What? He was graduating the next day!). What happened hereafter is a story for another day. Her mind wandered back to Charles. Not like he was handsome or anything, not really but he was fresh. She’d seen him a couple of weeks back during Bible school and that’s when she noticed him. She’d asked around and found out his name; department and she also knew he had a girlfriend. Her friends have never really understood how she managed to always have a crush on a different guy every other day. While other girls had ex-boyfriends, she had ex-crushes.

Her crushes never took long to wear off and that usually happened right after she spoke/spent time with the guy she was crushing on. Then she’d notice his faults and that’ll just turn her off. She remembered Gbenga and cringed. (The day she spoke with him, he was popping a pimple on his nose and right after that had his hand inside his shirt most of the time. Like seriously, was he popping another pimple on his chest?) She shuddered and shook her head. Good riddance to bad rubbish! She tore out the edge of her note and scribbled on it: ‘Could you wait behind for a lil’ bit after the programme? I need to talk to you’. She folded it and passed the note on to him. She didn’t look back this time around. ‘I’ll just talk to him for a while and that’ll be it’ she told herself and smiled.

The programme ended an eternity after she sent the note. Ugh…finally! She tried to make small talk with her friends while looking out for him through her side eye. She saw him step out and excused herself. He was standing with some girls and they seemed to be having a nice conversation ‘cos they were laughing and all but when he saw her he said something to them and walked up to her and smiled. That smile that revealed his perfect dentition and dimples. Butterflies were fluttering around in her stomach and her heart beat kicked up a notch (more like a thousand notches actually). She swallowed.

‘Hi back’ he said still smiling.

‘Okay, going straight to the point, I have a crush on you and you are going to help me get over you by giving five minutes of your time.’

He laughed a hearty, deep-throated laughter. ‘Oh? And after the five minutes is over, what next?’ he asked with one brow raised.

‘Well, hopefully my heart wont skip a beat the next time I see you’. What?! Did I just say that? You know you don’t have sense, right? She said to herself as she sighed inwardly.

He smiled again. ‘So technically you are using me to get over me. Fair enough. I’m Charles’

‘I know. I’m Jane’

‘Okay Jane what else do you know ‘bout me?

She laughed. ‘I can’t say Charles, don’t want you thinking I’m some crazy psychopath stalker’.

‘That’s very relieving, thank you very much. Are you ready to leave? Maybe I could give you more than five minutes, it’s the least I can do.’ He said with the smug back on his face.
She rolled her eyes. ‘Seriously, don’t flatter yourself and yeah, I’m ready to go.’

They spoke all the way till they got to her hall and had to say goodbye. Talking to him was so easy, he was funny and smart too. They talked ‘bout all sorts, from movies to songs, even twitter. It felt like they’d been friends for a long time.

‘It was nice meeting you Jane.’

‘Yeah, it was nice meeting you too.’

‘So are you over me now?’ he asked her.

She chuckled to hide her nervousness. ‘Well it’s hard to tell. I’ll let you know the next time I see you.’

‘I’m curious to know if I’ve been indeed very helpful, so how about we fix a time now when we can see and then you tell me how your heart reacts when you see me. Then we’ll know for sure’. He winked, a mischievous smile on his face.

‘Oh? Hmm…and if I’m not? Over you I mean’

‘Then we’ll just have to give you all the time you need’

This time around she laughed. ‘Dude, I know you have a girlfriend’

He smiled. ‘And? I’m just trying to help. Consider it as my donation to the help-Jane-get-over-Charles foundation.’

‘Hahaha, very funny’

‘So what do you say? Should I take that smile as a yes?’ He folded his arms on his chest.

‘Well, after much thought has been given to your proposal, we at the help-Jane-get-over-Charles foundation will very much like to take you up on that offer’

‘Good choice, I bet you won’t regret it’

‘I hope not’

‘How ‘bout tomorrow?’

‘Tomorrow sounds fine’
7 o’clock?

‘7 o’clock it is. Right here?’

‘Yeah, right here. Don’t keep me waiting’

‘I won’t. Good night and see you tomorrow’


She turned and walked the small distance to enter her hall, a big grin on her face. But that grin soon turned to a frown the more she thought ‘bout it. Everything happened just in contrast with what she had planned! According to her plan she should be over him by now but she found herself smiling just at the thought of the stupid grin on his face all night and now she was going to spend the next 24 hours thinking ‘bout him and their ‘meeting’. And he had a freaking girlfriend.

She was screwed.

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