Series: Melrose Estate Ep 04

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Title: Melrose Estate Episode 04

Writer: Alex Amos

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melrose estate

“Bye dad, have a nice day”

Juwon hopped out of her Dad’s Camry, she hitched her shoulder in order to adjust her knapsack then bent over and gave her father a kiss through the car window.

It’s almost eight o’clock and the alarm will go off for the assembly soon, she scurried through the hallway in hope to hide in her class while the assembly is being conducted.

The alarm went off at five past eight and Juwon wondered if she had made the right decision. Out of fear of being caught, she moved to the extreme end of the class and rested her head on the desk while she anticipated every passing minute anxiously, calculating how long she can actually go before the door burst open and a scapegoat is made out of her.

As the minutes flew, She raised her head and peeked around like a hibernating hen. The assembly will end in five minutes but it felt like five hours more. The wall clock clicks, echoed through the empty class as the seconds made its round trip. She could no longer rest her head, she was counting down to the last minute and just as freedom drew near, the door pushed violently against the air, creaking loudly.

“Hey you! What are you doing there?” A voice yelled at her.

“Well, the worst has happened,” she sighed and made the “donno” sign but Juwon will not go down without a fight. No, she’s not the type to bow her head and walk out in defeat.

“Seriously? What I’m I doing here?” She asked sarcastically. “What does it look like I’m doing? Planting a bomb? …of course I’m trying to stay away from the assembly”.

“Ah! It’s the big mouthed Juwon!” Ade, the school’s head boy and “jock of life” exclaimed.

“What does that mean? You burst into this place like I’m a hostile who just crossed the enemy’s border during world war 2 …wait have I been tagged a trouble maker in this school?”

“So you don’t know, some of my friends have encountered your responses and… Thank God they live to tell the tales.”

“I bet the ones you are referring to are the ones who think they can get any girl in the school as long as they wear a prefect barge.”

Ade smiled and shook his head in admiration of Juwon’s confidence. He moved closer to her and leisurely played with his hands on the desk before her.

“You know what, I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll let go of this and you will not get a single punishment if you will come for my birthday party at my place this friday.”

“Are you blackmailing me?”

“Oh well, seems it’s the only way a guy can get your attention in this school without getting his head chopped off.

Juwon thought about it. Better a birthday than spend the morning kneeling in the sun. “Give me your address and I’ll be there” she said with a straight face. “But you won’t get away with this.”

“I know.” Ade smiled and walked away just as students poured into the class. Ope, Tundun and Venessa, seeing who she was talking with, quickly gathered around her with all intent to quiz her about what she was doing with the most sort after guy in school.

“He just kinda asked me out,” she said it with a tone of arrogance.

The class suddenly went quiet and everyone hurried back to their seat including Juwon’s clique who had dismembered on sighting Toju, the fierce head girl. She ignored the class greeting and headed straight for Juwon.

“Oh God, she must have seen me,” Juwon thought to herself while she awaits her sentencing.

She leaned on Juwon’s desk, and forced a smile while speaking with all the calm she could muster.

“I will pretend like I didn’t see you in here while the assembly was going on, if you stay away from my boyfriend. Consider this a kind gesture and a warning.” Toju said and left the class

With Toju gone, the class came back to life and her friends would have surrounded her again if she had not raised her hand to halt them, She thought about her dilemma, she can ignore the party and get on Toju’s good side but on Ade’s black book or vice vassal.

“Choi! What a day to avoid the assembly!” She sighed.


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