Series: Melrose Estate Ep 05


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Title: Melrose Estate Episode 05

Writer: Alex Amos

melrose estate

The 7am sun peeped from the rooftops of the building in Melrose Estate. The ray hit my forehead with immense force leaving a burning sensation, I  shielded the sun with my hand and squinted my eyes to see the road as I crossed to the other side.

People always say the early morning sun is good. Especially for kids. With my hand a little bit beneath my forehead and covering my eyes, I pretended not to have heard Akolade honk, driving pass me with Keji in the passenger seat. Gosh! I wish I had a Nissan Altima 2.5S too, maybe Keji will like me.

Oh, there goes a taxi, I’m off to school, I’ll catch up with y’all later.

Juwon avoided her father till he angrily left her behind. She pretended to be sleeping while he yelled her name rhetorically asking “ma fi e sile nile o abi iru orun wo ni o nsun nisiyin?

As soon as he left, she jumped to her feet and packed her change of clothes in her bag. Her dad would’ve suspected something was up if he saw the puffed up bag.

It’s getting late already and she will miss the assembly again. Off to the shower she fled merrily, a potential ‘Ade’s girlfriend’ should not be seen kneeling in the sun, she thought to herself…

Keji made conversations with Akolade because the drive to school was getting boring… And because images of Mayowa flashed in her head — so she chattered to block out the images although she knew Akolade wasn’t interested in her small talks.

Akolade tried to maneuver a corner and missed running into an oncoming car by a mili second. He cursed as he applied the break, the car jolted both himself and Keji forward violently.

“See what your chattering has caused? Can you kindly shut the *#@! up?!”

Keji opened her eyes wide in disbelief. “Akolade, I know you are everything nasty but no, you just didn’t use a curse word on me.” She searched his eyes as if he was going to cower and beg her forgiveness.

And beg, Akolade wanted to, but pride won’t let him. Instead he defended himself cursing her out the more.

“Err… Err… I’m even tired of you sef! If you are not chattering, you are fussing, what the *#@! Is your problem sef? Abeg this ‘thing’ is not by force o jare!”

Geez! Keji felt like she has just been dehumanized and for the first time, she wasn’t having it. “Akolade, please pull over, I want to get down.” She calmly asked him.

Akolade didn’t take her seriously so she repeated her words again.

“What is the meaning of that?” Akolade asked, “do you think you can walk to school all by yourself?”

“I said pullover you *#@!” Keji yelled dragging the wheels with Ade who was forced to pullover in disbelief, shock was written on his face as he stared at her like he had seen a ghost.


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