Series: Melrose Estate Ep 07


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Title: Melrose Estate Episode 07

Writer: Alex Amos

melrose estate

Toju highlighted from the taxi in front of Zone B and paid the taxi driver. She had paid extra, otherwise the driver would have dropped her in front of Melrose Estate’s gate.

Still in her white shirt beneath a sleeveless coat and pleated mini skirt uniform, she walked down the street while doing a mental calculation of how many building till she gets to Juwon’s apartment crossing the street at intervals to ascertain the numbering.

The security patrol van glided past her and for a split second, Toju’s heart skipped because she thought she could be arrested for jaywalking.

As she approached Juwon’s house, she saw her mother approaching the door, she was just returning from the mall and had some groceries packed in a plastic bag hanging down from both hands. A typical stay-home mum. She wore a somewhat Elizabethan gown without the abundant surface ornamentation and the sleeves were reduced to stripes. Her hair was packed in a ponytail, held in place at the sides by her spectacles.

But this was no ordinary stay-home mum. From the community women leader to supply of juices and assorted drinks, Juwon’s mum has made a fortune from Melrose Estate using her Volkswagen Bug and laptop as her office space.

“Goodafternoon ma,” Toju curtsied.

“How are you doing young lady… Shouldn’t you still be in school?”

“Oh no ma, we closed about an hour ago…” Toju paused to savour the satisfaction Juwon’s mum’s face. She continued, “I forgot my note in Juwon’s bag, she was already leaving in her brother’s car when I called out to her but she could not hear, I guessed it was due to the fact that the windows where up…”

“ehn… Wait!” Juwon’s mum interrupted, her eyes probing for details, “Which brother is that one o because the only brother she has took a taxi to school this morning?”

Toju faked being perplexed, “I’m confused ma… I thought it was her brother that came to pick her up when the school closed today… I’m really sorry ma.”

“It’s okay young lady, as you can see, Juwon is yet to get home so you can collect your note from her in school on Monday. Be careful on your way home.” She said sternly and spun as she made her way into the house with her grocery bags making  squeaky sounds.

Toju could not conceal the mischievous smile on her lips so she quickly turned to leave. Her work here is done!


Akolade was in the school cafeteria with some couple of his friends. He always rolls with an entourage that included Mayowa, but lately, Mayowa seems to be tired of playing the background so one can hardly ever find him and Akolade together.

This afternoon, he had beautiful Anne in his company as well.  Whenever Keji and Akolade have issues, Anne was always Akolade’s rebound-girl. She once contested in the Silverbird’s MBGN pageant and although she did not win nor was she amongst the final 10, it won her quite a reputation in school and Akolade rode on that because it reflected good on him.

Also, being identified as the “BF” of  two of the most beautiful girls in school gave Akolade huge ratings.

But this afternoon, things are about to hit the fan. There was an uproar that preceded a round of applause and whistle calls outside. Like every other person in the cafeteria, Akolade and Anne went outside hand-in hand to see the cause of the excitement.

What Akolade was faced with, parted his jaw, he jerked off his hand from Anne as he stood in disbelief amidst the crowd that surrounded Mayowa and Keji. They were still locking lips and being cheered on by the excited crowd when Bayo, seeing Akolade in the crowd, approached him and asked:

“Akolade, I thought Keji was your girl, how come she’s kissing Mayowa, have you guys broken up?”

Akolade stared at him in disdain… He did not need his fist, his eyes delivered heavy punches. Bayo got the message and quickly walked away from him.

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