Series: Melrose Estate Ep 08

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Title: Melrose Estate Episode 08

Writer: Alex Amos

melrose estate

The party at Ade’s house was ‘live.’ He totally had Juwon cornered although she was still trying to play the tough girl, she knew she was impressed.

The furniture in the living room were vintage designs with polished finishing. Chandeliers hung a long way down from the ceiling that spiraled upwards in an oval shape. A stairway ran up to a balcony from the center of the house with a rail of polished wood balustrade giving the house that Elizabethan Era outlook.

In layman’s term, the house was ‘epic’ and Juwon was impressed. If she had thought Ade had a big ego in time past, at that moment, she felt he had been down playing it. She had expected loud music, in a proper teenage boy party style but Ade’s living room state-of-the-art Sony disc player softly blare out popular urban Nigerian music while everyone sat with their partners or gisted in small groups. Of course some still brought their dancing shoes and tried creating holes on the wooden floor.

Ade approached Juwon with a glass of red wine. Juwon stared at him mimicking a puzzled look.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

Ade was puzzled, and he wasn’t pretending. “Bringing you a wine?”

Juwon rolled her eyes. “Really?” she asked, “wait a minute… Are you one of those guys that bring a girl to their house and try to get her drunk so they can rape her and stuff?”

Ade was shocked “what! God forbid!” He snapped his finger backwards. “Just tell me if you don’t like this and I will bring you juice or something.”

“Nah, don’t bother,” Juwon replied.

Ade made other suggestions of drinks that have zero alcohol level but Juwon kept turning everything down. Fed up, Ade asked “Okay so what do you WANT?”

“Right now, I WANT to go home… It’s quarter past 4 and trust me, I’m in big trouble.”

…But really, Juwon had no idea how much trouble she was in at the time…


“Do you know how much trouble you are in right now?” Keji asked.

“What do you mean?” Mayowa answered with another question. They stood in front of Keji’s porch hand in hand. Mayowa had walked her to her door after they highlighted from the taxi that brought them from school.

“Akolade saw us kissing and I know he wants your head right now.” she said timidly.

“Oh well, I don’t care, now that I have you, no one is taking you from me again!”

Keji smiled and blushed.

“So I’ll see you tomorrow?”

Keji nodded still blushing, she started walking towards the door but glanced back at Mayowa who stood rooted in his spot just taking her in. She raised her hand a little above her belly and waved before she finally opened the door. Faced with a closed door, Mayowa remembered it’s time to go home.

He walked home merrily with a thousand horses running a clear track back and forth in his stomach until Akolade veered off the road and entered into a ditch to splash water all over him. He parked the car and got out to face a drenched Mayowa.

“This is just the beginning, you’ll wish you never laid a hand on my girlfriend when I’m through with you.”

Mayowa was still in shocked, wiping off mud from his face and cloth as Akolade got back into his Nissan Altima and drove off.


Ade parked his Honda Accord 2008 beside Melrose Estate gate. Juwon had told him not to go into the Estate so she can bust a ‘James bond move’ on her parents.

“So, did you enjoy the party?” Ade leaned towards her from the driver’s seat.

She jerked backwards, “what’s wrong with you? Do you think this is one of those high school movies where you drop the girl off and get a kiss?”

Ade got infuriated. “Why is it that you’ve formed a very bad impression of me in your mind so that everything I do, you think I have a hidden motive for it?”

“I don’t know, maybe because of your reputation in school.”

“And have I given you any reason to believe whatever stories you have heard about me since we’ve been together today?” Frustration was written all over Ade’s face. “Is it my fault that I’m popular in school and girls dig that? I really like you and it hurts that you think such demeaning things of me.”

“So what about Toju?” Juwon asked still putting up a front. “Isn’t she your girlfriend?”

“Go and ask Toju, I never asked her out she just tagged along and it was convenient at the time – I was the head boy and she is the head girl – so I never thought much about it.”

“And that’s why everyone is calling you a player, If you do not deny or accept a thing, then you might as well take it.”

“And do you think I’m a player? What do you really think of me?”

Juwon leaned in his direction and kissed him softly on the lips, “that’s what I think of you.” she stared at a stunned Ade as she highlighted from the car and off into Melrose Estate she went.

She entered into the house quietly and was going to tip toe into her room. If she can drop her handbag, then she can increase her shot at lying her way out of this. (Her cloth and shoes were in the bag). The hallway was dark because someone had switched off the light. Apparently, Mayowa had sneaked into the house as well to conceal his mud smeared face but hearing footsteps behind him and noticing it was Juwon, he stopped to tell her what Akolade had done to him but Juwon who didn’t know anyone was in the hallway almost jumped out of her skin screaming when she was suddenly starring into a face smeared with mud. Her scream caught her mum’s attention and she ran to the hallway, switching on the light, Juwon’s bag and its content lay bear on the floor before the three of them.

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  1. Kemi

    Yay!!! Welcome Back… don’t ever leave us hanging again o…. ii want one new episode everyday *lashes*

  2. victoryese

    My very first comment on this series. I must commend you for a wonderful work of prose. The suspense is one thing I really love about it all. Keep up the good job. XOXO


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