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The Letter To My Crush project.

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Do you secretly admire Him or Her ? is He your Crush  or is she your crush ? Shy to tell anyone about it ? Shy/Scared to tell the person about it ? Well why don’t you get it all gone by sharing it with us ^_^

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Today we would be Reading  @Sir_Castiq’s Letter

He Blogs on sircastiq.tumblr.com. Do Check it out after reading his letter


Hey you,

I’m cocky now. Maybe it’s the paper. I’m writing it down so I can’t get tongue tied. When my heart beats so fast I cant breathe, I can take a rest.
I think I’ll do that now…………………………………………………..

There, I’m back. Now I know why they call it love struck. It isn’t gentle, nice or kind. I did not see you and smile confidently. I did not say to myself “that is the girl I’m going to marry”. You’ll probably forgive me for that lie when I tell it in my speech at our wedding reception. I didn’t feel good when I saw you. I felt like I hit a wall. I stopped. It wasn’t just me though. The world, time, breathing. Everything paused. I stood there for 4 seconds, gazing at beauty. You aren’t beautiful. It’s like looking at a house, then staring at the blueprint. Other girls are beautiful. You, you are why the word exists.

When the first greeks laid eyes on Aphrodite and spoke words which failed to describe her, their hearts spoke of you. 4 seconds is all I had to witness poise, grace and class beyond anything I have ever seen. In four seconds you ruined me. No girl will ever measure up. If I fail to have you, every second spent in another girl’s embrace, every minute holding hands with another, every kiss, every word whispered will carry the wait of a failure in my mind. I could not have the best and so I am doomed to sloppy seconds. I have tasted the truest love, no other can make me forget it. But I will not speak of failure. Not in my life’s work. I will chase you. Those 4 seconds are all I have. All I am. I will not fail.

Redd Berckley


Lovely Right ?

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