The Jury: Just Besties

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So this morning we would be introducing a Sub-category named “JURY” to Our “Lifematics” category.
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Just Besties

My girlfriends and I go way back.We have had each others’ back for years unending. Our lives  have taken different turns. Some of us are married while others have crazy jobs that take them to places in the world that many have never heard of. However once a month at least,we come together and just catch up. We bare our souls out and tell it as it is.we laugh,cry, hug,tease and just enjoy each others’ company. We are five friends by the way.

Today was one heck of a day at “the gathering” as we fondly call it and quite frankly I’m sad,worried and confused for my friend Trisha. Trish has been dating Yemi for two years now and just recently,they got engaged.Everyone  has been ecstatic because we know for certain that yemi is crazy about Trisha.Something went terribly wrong and now,she is at a cross road. Yemi has this best friend who was there even before Trish came along.

I remember Trish telling us years back  of her reservations about her then boyfriend’s female best friend. As the months went by,her fears were allayed as Yemi proved to her that she had nothing to worry about as regards keyede…(that is the evil best friend’s name).In fact Trish and Keyede got along well and she became comfortable (maybe too comfortable!as a sharp girl, your eye must dey ground always!)  with her.

Last week she decided to give Yemi a surprise visit and then she caught him with the Bestie….. Pants down!!! .Both of them were crying saying its the work of the devil. Keyede told Trish that Yemi really loves her (Trish) and it was just sex,no strings attached ( can u believe the crap!)

My girl doesn’t know what to do.She loves her man but she can’t trust him. She wants to forgive him,but she’s badly hurt.We all don’t know what advice to give our friend,we just cried with her and told her to follow her heart.

The question that bothers me however is :can a guy be just besties with a girl?

what do you think. ?

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3 thoughts on “The Jury: Just Besties

  1. IG Ryan

    Well it’s gud to knw a topic like dis is being discussed cos often times I hv been made to look weird each time I say I dnt do besties cos it’s crap. And is even more stupid wen u hv a bestie of d opposite sex. If we wnt to be sincere here, besties of d opposite sex is either a failed relationship or a secret admiration for each other. Dear Trisha, dump d asswipe and move on otherwise u’ll neva stop nabbing dem.

  2. Mfadarated

    I think it is possible to have a best friend of the opposite sex because I do. I have two best friends, one is a girl and the other is a guy both of which don’t no each other so well. My female best friend is cool & see as her as family, so much that her mother calls me her adopted son. So for me, having any thing sexual with her is out of the question coz I’ll feel am sleeping with my sister. . . .yuck!!!


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