The Note

This Post  should have come earlier for this i am sorry


So i stumbled on this while trying to check my mails on yahoo yesterday and i decided to save it and share

Funny Note




Ladies  is this punishment enough ? or what would you rather do if you found your boyfriend cheating on you ?

Gentlemen what  would you do if you found your girlfriend cheating on you ?


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12 thoughts on “The Note

  1. funke

    if i catch my boyfriend cheating…. ah Humph!!!! Trouble.. Big trouble…
    in short i dont know what i would do until i do it sha..

  2. yemi

    Ta… @Funke… after the whole buga you would still accept the boy back when he comes begging…

  3. Dayo

    haha i agree with yemi on this… it;s so typical for women to always accept the Man back after the whole Drama, and yes i am generalizing 😐

  4. Abidemi

    Well,Yemi nd Dayo are rite but all the same its not always easy and we ladies dnt always pray 2 meet ourselves in that kinda condition

  5. honeydewAmos

    LOL! If I catch the bf cheating,no sweat…I’ll only kidnap,torture nd starve him for wasting the whole tym we spent together,that’s all!

    • ᵏᴵᴻᴳß ^.^

      @honeydewAmos,ode sha.Lemme pity u small and keep quiet..:p…Well,if i am d one,i’l vex and vex buh will 4give him atlast,sins i love him.Or dyu think its easy 2 av and keep a man?Dey r guys,dey r bound 2 stray once in a while…its just up 2 u 2 knw ow 2 handle d situation wen it happens…buh he’l buy plenty gifts 2 facilitate my quick response sha o,hehe…and if he does it again,dts anoda issue


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