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Hello Beautiful  people, so There’s this program I listen to on the radio and there was this time they were sharing testimonies of people, how long they had been married and how they proposed. I remember a lot of them but one that struck me was that of an old woman.

She had been walking back to her dorm with her boyfriend at the time. They were in college at the time. She said he romantically said “Marry me or else…”. She said yes and they have been married 63 years with 7 kids. She also said she was glad she didn’t find out what the ‘else’ was.

That got me thinking, how do I want to be proposed to? I think I will love a surprise one, but not public though. Not too formal either. Probably when we are doing something we both love.

So girls tell us how do u want to be proposed to. And for the guys, how do you think you’ll propose if you had to do it today. Leave your comments, let us know :).

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