Thoughts from pains

Title: Thoughts from pains

Writer:  Mike Oluwatobi Ugbomah-onalo (@Poeticnerve )

Category: Poetry


Bleeding from the deepest,
Creeding from the lip test,
The worst and the best,
It pushes out from that covert,
High blood pressure in times,
Healing when its sweet,
A thin line drawn,
Sanity and insanity,
Love and hate ,
Happiness and sadness ,
Joy and sorrow ,
All a snap away ,
Feelings pampered or toyed with,
The ocean with no width ,
No safe place to swim to
Waiting for that dove ,
The same Noah waited on,
Pains in the equation ,
Makes it not any easier ,
Wits is lost,
Jus strength and faith,
Fate and patience ,
The greatest jewel of their life,
Thrown away in ignorance ,
Boyfriend and husband juxtaposed ,
Difference they tell not,
Misguided and priorities not defined,
My pen dances to the pains,
In my nerves,
But the picture is still not painted,
Expression evades me,
Too many thoughts and reasoning,
Like a soup with too many seasoning,
Mind is crowded ,
Eyes is clouded ,
Painting a vivid picture ,
An impossibility I suppose .


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