To my unborn son (Indecision)

“To My Unborn Son” are series of stories from your boy Goldenmoses to his uUnborn Son. lool  i Hope his Unborn Son later sees them thou.

For those of you that missed the first in the series –> To my unborn Son (And so the story begins) 


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Hey let me kiss you. I’ve brushed today if that would make you less concerned. Or maybe I should wait for you to drown, maybe then I would be able to rescue you and give you mouth to mouth at least then I would be able to say I’ve kissed you.

She was starring at her feet when I pulled up the road that led to her house, I guess the engine roar jerked her back to reality since she looked up and accompanied me and the car with a warm smile from that point till I parked in front of her.

‘You just couldn’t wait for me, could you?’

She laughed a little, packing her hair back while she was at it, then ended it with a shy smile.

‘You wish’ she said pulling in for a long hug

‘I had a little fight with my mum and my sister, and I just figured I’ll cool off out here’


‘Hmm what’ she replied looking at me sarcastically, a smile lurking at the corner of her lips’

‘Hmm, you could have come up with a better lie’

When I was done talking the smile was already full and beautiful, she opened her mouth slowly but not nothing came out, she just pointed my slippers at me like she was going to use it on me.

‘Just open your trunk let me drop your property’ she said still smiling

I did, she dropped it and we were on our way.

After a couple of minutes of both screaming and dancing along to a song I really can’t remember, we reached the eatery.

We walked in and after taking a couple of steps away from the door, she nudged me.


‘He’s smiling at us’

‘Who’s smiling at us’

‘The ice cream guy is smiling at us’

‘Oh’ I said looking in his direction and then I started laughing.

‘Why are you laughing’ she said hitting me really hard ‘and why is he still smiling’

‘Nothing, he probably just thinks you’re beautiful’

‘Yeah right, he thinks I’m gorgeous’ she said as we got to the counter

‘Two cups please’

‘Coming right up’ he said turning back and heading towards the machine still grinning.

I looked sideways and she was starring at me like the answer to whatever was bothering her was written on my skin, I smiled at her, looked back up and the attendant was placing out order on the tray.

He handed the tray over to me and winked as we were about to start ascending the stairs.

Half way through the flight she paused, smiled and shook her head.



‘Oh God’ she said even louder, her smile fuller

There was really no point asking her what was wrong again, it was very obvious she’d figured it out.

‘You prostitute’ she continued jogging up the stairs to catch up with me

‘Hey thou shall not judge’

‘Yeah right, how many girls have you brought up here’

‘Err a few I think’

‘A few’ she said looking up at me, her eyes reflecting her clear disbelief

‘Okay a lot’

‘And he thought I was one of them? Jesus’

‘You are one of them’ I said increasing my pace to avoid been punched in the back.

She was laughing now.

‘I heard your gist all right, but I didn’t think you took all of them to the same place’

‘Well this is the only place that serves decent ice cream in this town and girls love ice cream’

‘True though’

‘By the way what happened between yourself and toni’ she said quickly looking down to avoid eye contact.

It was a sensitive topic and I guess she knew, but I was probably going to be in love with her soon so what the hell, I decided to tell.

I met her at some easter fair for kids. I’d accompanied my younger brother and she had brought her younger brother and sister, and while the kids we were meant to be watching ran along to take every ride unsupervised, we got talking.

A week later we couldn’t do without talking to each other daily. A month later everyone thought we were dating. She was probably the most beautiful girl I’d ever gotten close to then, and I was happy that people thought we were intimate but we weren’t, we were just very close friends and considering I wasn’t romantically or sexually attracted to her then, I was very cool with it.

But like every story involving opposite sex best friends went, I fell in love with her and by the time I did, it was already too late, she was with someone else, and she was in love with him. It hurt then and I was angry, but only at myself because I had the chance and blew it. But then after sometime I moved on.

Six months into her relationship I got a call from her saying she needed to talk to me and she couldn’t do it over the phone.

I agreed to it and the next day we were sitting across each other in my sitting room.

After couple of minutes of small talk, she sat up, packed her hair properly and said she was in love with me.

She continued, saying she had been in love with me for a long time but she couldn’t say
anything to me, because she was old school and believed the boy was expected to make the first move, and when I didn’t, she ran off with the boy that had been pressuring her and she ended up not being happy so she decided to take the bold step.

She finished talking and finally stopped looking around the room and concentrated on me.

I could see on her face that she has used all the courage she had summoned to cover over and pour her heart out and she was expecting me to do the same.

But I couldn’t, I was lost, it was evident in my expression. I was still in love with her alright but she caught me off guard and I never did well off guard.

After few minutes of sitting in silence she got up and she gave me the ‘I thought as much look’ and then she left.

But that notion didn’t stay long with her, I got my shit together and called her almost immediately after she left and apologized for acting like an idiot, I told her I was also in love with her and I was very glad she felt the same way.

A couple of days later I took her to lunch and asked her out. The couple beside me could hear every word of my proposal and they didn’t try to hide it since they giggled all through, but I didn’t care, the only smile I cared about in the room that day was the one on her face, I finished my proposal and she nodded her head in affirmation to my question, making it one of the best days of my life.

Two months later I was leisurely scrolling through my phone and I saw an update saying ‘Congratulations to the best couple’. I enlarged the picture and I saw his ugly head right next to her beautiful smile and the picture was recent so I knew I was in trouble. I immediately called and sent her a message, but she didn’t pick my call or reply my texts.

The next morning her call woke me up.

‘Are we dating’ I asked before she could get a chance to say good morning.

She paused for what felt like forever but finally answered.

‘No Bee, we’re not’

I hung up the phone before she could say another word and that was the last time I heard her voice in a long time.

Later that evening I got a message from her saying she was sorry and that I misunderstood her, she said she still loved me, but she loved him more, and they were not broken up, they just took a break.

Few days later I heard the boy had been cheating on her and she found out, I guess she was just trying to get back at him or maybe she was trying to pass the time pending the time he would come back to his senses.

I looked up when I was done and she was starring at me, pity written all over her face. I couldn’t blame her though, I was also sorry for myself when it all happened. But like every other thing, it passed.

Growing up you would meet a lot of girls but basically they’ll be divided into three. The ones that like you, the ones that are indifferent about you and the ones that don’t give a shit about you.

If you’re the type of guy that doesn’t like to stress himself or can’t handle emotional pain, stick to the ones that like you, it easier and safer for your heart, the only work you have to do is just show them that you like them back.

If you’re the type that likes to hunt down the meat you eat, then go for the ones that don’t care about you at all. It would be hard and frustrating, but all in all the chase is always interesting.

And when you finally get her, you’ll be glad you fought for her because a well shot animal always stays down for the hunter. The only person that would be able to remove her from your grasp is you.

But in whatever you do, never go for the ones that are indifferent about you, because they’ll mess you up with their indecision.

Today they’re all over you, tomorrow they’re stone cold. They might not know what they are doing to you, it might not be intentional, but then at the end of the day you won’t understand that, because the heart is fragile. And it’ll feel every blow they deal.

Finally they will leave you for someone they’re sure they want to be with, and when they do, they’ll leave you so much hate to fuel a full scale war. You’ll harbor hatred towards them, the one they loved in your place and hatred against yourself for allowing them to toil with your heart.

‘I heard you didn’t get to kiss her’

‘Christ! Does anything stay a secret in this town’

‘I guess not’ she said shyly.

‘Hey’ she continued


‘Would you kiss me?’

‘Would I what now’ I said clearly caught off guard

‘Kiss me, or is my mouth smelling or something?’

‘No no no, at all its just that—

‘Well then kiss me’ she said cutting me off

I leaned over and with my right hand behind her neck, I gently pulled her closer and placed my lips on hers. They were soft, and her mouth was freezing cold. It was amazing, it was everything I imagined it would be and more. And just like that she was going to make my day again, two days in a row.

Hey let me kiss you. I’ve brushed today if that would make you less concerned or maybe I should wait for you to drown, maybe then I would be able to rescue you and give you mouth to mouth at least then I would be able to say I’ve kissed you. Then I would be satisfied. Then I would be able to put my mind to rest.


Its still your boy  @GoldenMoses, stay tuned.

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  1. Thelma.E

    Very nice. And the section about people with “indifferent feelings” couldn’t be written any better. Very nice.


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