To My Unborn son (Pregnancy Scare)

“To My Unborn Son” are series of Letters from your boy Goldenmoses to his Unborn Son. lool 

I Hope his Unborn Son gets to read them thou.

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If I could scare you with the threat of pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease to prevent you from having unprotected sex, I would if I could. But that doesn’t work so I would save us both some time and tell you two stories.


I was on site during my IT (industrial Training) looking for the cleanest boulder to sit on when my pocket vibrated.

“Men that babe said she’s pregnant ni sha”

“Who? Angie?”

“Yes now, who else”


“Dude this shit is not funny”

And truly it wasn’t but the sun had dealt with me too much that afternoon, and I just needed the laugh.

He had met her one evening at the atm, I’ll probably never forget the grin on his skinny long face as he narrated their rather short meeting to me. He was beaming like a kid that had just talked to his first crush. And true to it, she was his first. Not in the conventional sense though, since he had been with a lot of girls but all of them slept with him because of his money, it was basically modern day prostitution. But she was different, she was his first real romantic encounter.

When he came to me the next day still grinning like he had slept that way, and told me that he asked her out and she said yes, I knew there was a problem.

He introduced me to her the next day, and immediately we shook hands I could see the problem. She was young and clearly had zero experience with boys, but they were in love and who was I to deny them.

A week later the whole school knew who both were and their relationship. It was her birthday and he blew it out of proportion, they were the talk of the school for a while. It was a perfect match. He was rich and she was beautiful.

A month later she lost her virginity to him and from then on they started humping each other like horny rabbits.

Two months into their relationship, the inevitable started to happen. He started getting bored, he wanted varieties and he got it since all her friends offered themselves.

She on the other hand started to get greedy, she knew her friends were sleeping with him but she didn’t care, she just kept demanding, she just wanted to continue getting the shiny things.

The last time I saw her in person I smiled as she cat walked towards me with her arm wide open, wanting to pull me in for a hug. In the middle of the long hug she looked up to my still smiling face and asked me what was wrong. I looked down still smiling shook my head side ways indicating there was nothing wrong and she continued to hug me.

She was no longer the kid with the over sized trouser I met two months ago, all her clothes were tailored to skin now, except the style required it not to be, her artificial hair was human hair now and all her limbs were and face were painted and I could also see myself in her contact lens.

On many occasions I’ve watched girls go from innocent and shy to bold and sometimes rude just because they had a stiff and pointy chunk of meat pierce a thin layer of skin between their legs. Maybe to them its like going to war. A man who goes to one and comes back in one piece or two really doesn’t have much to fear again. Maybe that’s it or maybe its not, maybe I’ve just been meeting the same type of people.

“Guy you know what to do now”

“Sure I do, but guy I think that babe is trying to scam me johr”
“I fucking gave her postinor every time”

“LOL, my nigga all that one is story, just give her the cash as parting gift”

“Sigh, okay”

A week later we talked and he told me he had sent the money to her, he even said he sent a friend with her to hold her hand through the whole process.

A month later I heard she had been expelled from school, apparently he didn’t send any cash not to talk of somebody to hold her hand.

She was about 5 months in when the school discovered. They probably won’t have discovered if she hadn’t confided in a friend, she had wonderful genes and they were hiding her baby perfectly.

But she was scared and clueless, I guess multiple orgasms doesn’t prepare you for that. She’d heard of abortions, but she’d also heard that people died and damaged internal organs from it, so she confided in a friend who in turn confided in the chaplain that told the school authority.

Seeing the picture she took with her kid on his first birthday, I smiled and said to myself ‘Yup that’s definitely Edwin’s kid’ even though he swore on everything living and dead that he had never touched her when he was called to defend himself.

But who could blame him, he was just a couple of months from his degree and she wanted to ruin it for him.

Her smile was very tired, and way more matured that the last time I saw her, it lacked the confidence it portrayed, this time it portrayed a little shame. She didn’t deserve to grow up that quickly, Nobody does but it was a life she chose for herself and she had to live with it


I was half asleep when the phone rang so I was a bit reluctant to pick up until I saw the caller ID

‘She’s pregnant dude’

‘Wow’ I said rubbing my temple slightly.

He had told me earlier that she had missed her period, so I’d advised him to go for a test which they did.

‘Did she agree to get rid of it’

‘Yeah she did’

‘Do you have the cash now’

‘Yeah I do but I still need you to be there’

He was my younger cousin and even though he acts tough, a few of us close to him know it was all for show.

We had gotten a number from our older cousin who was a doctor, he had apologized that he couldn’t do more to help and we understood, he just got his license, it was a bit too early to lose it.

They were already waiting for me in front of the hotel they’d lodged as I pulled up. He was worried, it was all over his face, not because he loved her too much or because he was worried to loose a child. He was worried for his future, his future wife, his future kids, because one word of disagreement from her and all the plans he’d made, everything he’d dreamed could go down the drain in the split second she made the decision.

But she loved him too much, she loved his future even more, probably because she thought she was a part of it, and if it meant losing one child to secure a future that brought as many kids as they wanted, she was ready to make the sacrifice for both of them.

We got to the clinic, he was expecting us, I handed him the cash and he immediately told her to follow him into the other room.

We waited for a while in what seemed like the reception in silence, the only thing breaking the silence at intervals was the sound of the operating equipments landing in the stainless basin.

After waiting for what felt like eternity, the doctor came out first, then she followed almost immediately holding her bloody fetus in a transparent plastic bag.

She walked over to us and with a faint sad smile mixed with hope she handed the bag over to him.

We got out of there almost immediately and I headed toward the hotel I picked them up, while the car was still in motion, he wound down and dropped the plastic bag.

It landed rough and hard on the newly tarred road and I could see the partly formed child tumble in the pool of his own blood from the rear view mirror. Seconds later the car trailing us drove right over it and splashed it all over the asphalt.

Something died in me that moment, but then looking back and seeing her lost in thought, probably picturing the future to console herself, I figured mine was just figurative, something really died in her that day.

If I could scare you with the threat of pregnancy and sexually transmitted to prevent you from having unprotected sex, I would. But that doesn’t work.

The ants are not just satisfied with just licking the honey off the lid of the jar, even with the certainty of death if they go swimming in the ocean of gold, the ants still find their way into the jar of honey and end up drowning in liquid gold.

But then remember everything you do has consequences. Take the news like a man, and don’t let her see that you’re scared, they hate cowards.

Don’t pressure her into doing anything, ask her nicely and if she wants to find a good doctor and hold her hand through it. And if she doesn’t, well I guess there’s always space for a new addition to the family.

Its still your boy  @GoldenMoses, stay tuned.

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