To My Unborn Son (R and B)

“To My Unborn Son” are series of Letters from your boy Goldenmoses to his Unborn Son. lool 

I Hope his Unborn Son gets to read them thou.

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My Unborn Son



You could do a million and one hurtful things to a girl, you could lie that you love her just to have sex with her, you could lie that you love her, have sex with her and then dump her immediately after, you could even cheat on her with her best friends and her sister and one day when time has played its part in healing her, she’ll forgive you and you people would laugh over it as the past, as one of the stupid things you did years back.

Bee you know I’ll never really understand kids of nowadays, yeah? I mean their 15 year old boys going to water side to smoke weed and their girls frequenting clubs at the same age, we never did any of those stuffs that young did we?

One day like that I went to visit one of them that I met in the club, I got to her house and the skirt she was wearing was so short I could tell the color of her lingerie without even trying to peep and at all. And from what I learned over the years that kinda meant I was good to go, yeah?

So forgive my surprise when I leaned in for a kiss and she weaved my lips simultaneously pushing my face away.

I figured she was forming hard to get so I went in again, this time fiercer than the first and believe it or not I came back with a slap.

‘Oh she likes it rough’ I said to myself as I recovered from the slap.

So I yanked her off her sitting position, put her on her back, held her hands in place over her head and ripped away the tiny piece of cloth she called a skirt

While I was at it, I started hearing cries of protest and trying to shut her up with a kiss was a really bad idea. She bit my lip really hard it started to bleed.

With that I gave up on trying to shut her up and concentrated on getting her under garment off and forcing open her closed thighs.

After few seconds of intense pulling, I finally got it open and without wasting any extra time I rammed my penis into her.

She opened her mouth to scream again but this next one hung it in her throat. And the next thrust brought it out but this time it was a moan.

We continued like that for sometime, me thrusting, her moaning, and with each thrust letting herself loose and after a couple of minutes I was done.

She let out a disturbing cry immediately I shrunk inside her, at first I thought she had cum and they were tears of joy, but then she coupled the tears with slaps, kicks, bites and verbal complains. It was then I realized I had just constituted.

I started to beg her immediately but well that didn’t really help either so I just packed up my stuff and ran for my life brother.

Immediately he ended his story I stood up and picked the bottle he had placed in front of me earlier, stretched in his direction and asked him if I could take it home.

As soon as I did he had the look I was expecting on his face, expressions that asked the questions,

‘Why is he leaving so soon? He just got here’ and ‘Why does he want a whole bottle of absolute vodka all to himself, does he want to kill himself, It takes at least four boys to finish that shit’

Well I was irritated, that was why I stood up to leave that early, and I needed the spirit because I needed four peoples mind that night so we could all figure out why people did things like that.

I was going to throw a party in my head and maybe after I was done with the party and everybody had dispersed, at least 3 personalities would still be stuck in my head, too drunk to drive.

Maybe the next morning after their hangover was gone we’ll discuss what I’d proposed for them to deliberate on, their three minds and my single mind, maybe then we’ll figure it out. Maybe then we’ll finally be able to help them to stop behaving like animals.

The other day some girl I met at a friends house party, messaged me that she was having a really terrible day. She said she didn’t want to be alone or indoors so I offered to take her for ice cream.

I waited in front of her house for what felt like forever and when she finally joined me in the car she said she didn’t want to go anywhere in particular just yet, she asked if we could just drive all around town, she said it would really help clear her head.

The sound of that landed really hard on my brain’s calculator, immediately I started to sum up the amount of fuel I would waste driving around the city with the air condition on, just because some girl I didn’t even know that well enough said she wanted to.

But then she was really pretty so I could not let my concerns to be known publicly, I just promised myself that I was I going to slap myself in the face immediately we were done with the aimless journey.

The drive was basically uneventful, until she took me up on my ice cream offer, and even then we still sat quietly at the table digging into our cups and pretending to concentrate on our phones.

It wasn’t until we got back into the car, ready to leave that she let it all out, all that she had been keeping boxed up for a day and a half. It was loud, it was sharp and I could see all the veins in her neck fighting really hard not to escape the skin that held them prisoner.

She didn’t want to be this weak, at least not in front of a stranger, but it had already eaten deep into her she had to let it out, she had to scream, she had to cry and each drop of tear was an ounce of her frustration.

‘He tried to rape me’ she said still trying to stop the tears


‘Jude’ that boy from your school

I remembered the boy, good looking dude so I was really trying to wrap my head around why he would do something like that.

‘I thought he was—‘ she paused and sniffed

She thought he was going to rape her, he didn’t though but the damage had already been done.

‘I begged him to stop touching me but’ she sniffed again

He won’t stop touching her, he won’t stop tearing her clothing and he was big and she was very tiny so there was really no need fighting him physically, so she just stuck to teary protests and verbal persuasion

‘After some time he stopped, but’ she continued crying again.

But it was already too late, he could as well have gone all the way. Even though its better late than never, but then again never late is better.

I reclined the car seat and put my hand behind my head. A feeling of guilt washed over me for just thinking about the fuel I was burning when I was driving her around. And then I felt I needed to do more than tell her I was sorry and that everything was going to be alright, but I couldn’t do, that was all I had.

That and this letter I’m writing to you.

You’ll meet a lot of females in your days and you would hit it off with a lot. Maybe not too many in your really young years if you’re not too attractive. But as years pass and maturity sets in, they would start to love you for so many other reasons apart from physical attraction.

It maybe wit, money, intelligence, a particular talent or any other thing God has placed there for you, then you’ll make up for the lost time.

You could do a million hurtful things to a girl, you could lie that you love just to have sex with her, you could lie that you love her, have sex with her and then dump her immediately after, you could even cheat on her with her best friends and her sister and one day when time has played its part in healing her, she’ll forgive you and you people would laugh over it as the past, as one of the stupid things you did years back.

But no one laughs over rape, no one refers to it as a funny or a stupid memory, and even time, the greatest allies for all offenders has given up on trying to heal the affected hearts.

She asked to see so I drove over to her place, we had not seen in quite a while but that was the routine whenever she met a new boy, she would stick with him and try to make it work, but after sometime she always ended up calling me up, and we would continue from where we left off, but this time the period of silence was longer than normal, and she didn’t just call to tell me she was over the dude, she called to see me, she called to talk to me.

‘I like this one Bee, I really do, I mean he’s handsome, funny, caring and he even knows about you and well how you’ve managed to help sabotage all my recent relationships, and he was ready to wait and see us stand the test of time. I’m going to stick with him Bee. That’s why I called to talk to you, I would need you to take a step back from us, even if I want us back, please don’t grant me my wishes because I don’t think we’re ever going anywhere. We’re both too lackadaisical to have something serious’


Its still your boy @GoldenMoses stay tuned.

fight against rape


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4 thoughts on “To My Unborn Son (R and B)

  1. Lelemma

    I want to write articles too. How do I start. I can even show you a short poem/story. “The beautiful tradition which was highly exalted has crumbled. The days of our forefathers were the golden age. The sacred places are not more holy and respected. Who will save this nation? Who? I ask? Who will take this nation back to its cherished state? Amadi! Amadi! Wakeup! Npa has called for prayers…..

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  3. Lelemma

    Rape victims feel dejected and afterwards hate to have sex. The trauma they face even on hearing about sex is terrifying. Most gels actually want a guy they can confide in. Sum1 dat can mk dem also feel special not rape them!

  4. Tumininu

    Y will a guy wanna rape at d first place, datz madness of d highest order, there r a lot of ladies who want it, go 4 does ones nd leave d ones who r nt intrested.pls let put a stop 2 RAPE


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