Title: Who is She

Writer: Funmi @prettydaniella

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     It was just like yesterday when I saw her, when she was the talk of every high school student, boys and girls, when she was talked about even by the young and the old, because is in her we determine what to wear, how we should wear it, and the way to wear it. I said to myself if I really want to top my game, when it comes to things involving her, then I have to know her. so I started  a journey  in search of her, as a young man goes to war, I put on my amour, ready to learn all I could about her, All of a sudden, I fell in love with her.

   She is my one and only BFF, even when the world gave up on me, I could easily fall back on her, and I could open a magazine next to me, and be alright. She saw me through the breakups and heart aches. In which at that moment I could watch style star. Whenever things where not falling in place she was there, helping me refocus. Whenever I did not have the words to say, I could express it through her, with the way I look. She is the expression of my inner self, desires and beauty. Even in her world which is like a lion’s den, because she is a part of me I am strong and bold. She is like a rhythm, and the steps I decide to take all depend on me. In her world, each and every one is a master piece, a canvas of their true self. And because of her, they are famous and can suddenly reach their full potential. Because she was brought to this world, the world is colorful, and beautiful, and that’s why we have people like Marc Jacobs, Versace, and Ralph Lauren expressing her every day.

She is deeper than you can ever imagine, as her horizon spread wide across the world, she is so popular that another name that can be used in place of her real name, according to the French  is ETHOILE.. To some people she is life itself, as she has manifestation in every aspect of human activity. . Because of her, everything in this area  such as architecture, clothing, music, cosmetics, entertainment, forms of speech or even politics or technology could be seen as trendy or not. She is like an old religion that is practiced over the years.

Still some people do not truly understand her, and they allow what the society say dictate the way they go around expressing her, they refuse to be driven by the love and passion that leads them to her, and focus on the negative aspect of her as being portrayed by the world. They let the best of them take over her, and they diminish her from her position and give her a lower seat.

In her a lot of people have made destiny , carved their names in the sands of time, and because of the true expression of her in their lives, they stand as one of the worlds most popular ,making waves in every area of their lives. Some are afraid to let  her in, because they believe that’s what culture says, or what religion says, and because of her a lot of people are willing to spend all their life earning, just to witness her.

WOW!!! I have almost written a page on her, and am yet to scratch the surface of who she really is , and the award she is to receive, as a token from all that have learned and live through her inspiration.

A standing ovation for the lady of the day, the one the  Spanish call MODA,french call FAYONNER, Dutch call MANIER, Portuguese call FORMA. In English she is know as FASHION!!!


 Funmi  (@prettydaniella) reporting for Alariwo.org

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